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Hell Invades Heaven puzzle game takes your soul

hell invades heaven puzzle game release takes your soul on linux and windows pc

Hell Invades Heaven puzzle game release takes your soul on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creativity of developer Menajev. Which is now live with a discount on Steam.

Hell Invades Heaven is finally released and available to buy. Doing for an inadequately high price for its poor quality. Buy now or else you will end up in heaven filling tax documents for the whole eternity. Since this deal is only for the first week in a 666 promotion – sum all sixes and you have 18% discount.

You, an absolutely newbie hellish commander, gain the possibility. All due to prove that all rumors about your person are at least 28% wrong. But you are in fact capable of commanding small forces. Doing so in the greatest Hell vs Heaven war that ever happened.
Put on your Unterleutnant uniform and do your job.

Hell Invades Heaven – Release Trailer

What you probably want to know:

  • 15*** almost beautiful, challenging levels on Hell, Earth, and Heaven scenery.
  • 10 different minions, so you don’t need to do everything yourself.
  • A lot of challenging puzzles in Hell Invades Heaven. They may be impossible to solve for people under 5 y.o.
  • Interesting dialogues for full silent cinema experience.
  • You can decorate Devil with tattoos****.
  • Beware of holy water!

Hell Invades Heaven is comedy game, loosely inspired by Lemmings. As a player, you are a commander of hellish forces, due to lead minions from depths of hell right to the God’s office. You will also spread panic and destruction everywhere on the way.

Hell Invades Heaven puzzle game takes refuge on Steam. While offering an 18% discount (the sum total of 666), dropping the price to $6.55 USD ($7.99 regularly). Along with support for both Linux and Windows PC. Plus the discount is only available until October 28th. If you dare brave the task of solving hellish puzzles.

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