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Hell of an Office aims at the Steam Deck

hell of an office speedrunning first-person platformer game aims at linux via steam deck with windows pc

Hell of an Office speedrunning first-person platformer game aims at Linux via Steam Deck with Windows PC. Which is the crazy creation from developer 43 Studios. Now available in Steam Early Access with 100% Positive reviews.

Hell of an Office the satanic speedrunning first-person platformer game from developer 43 Studios jumps through hoops. All due to escape an infernal workplace and onto Steam Early Access. Where is it is due to stay for the next six months of development.

Reaching out to 43 Studios via email, they do have support for Linux:

… we can tell you that on a Steam Deck with a proton layer the game runs smoothly!

Hell of an Office is being with Unreal Engine 4. However, developers do not have native Linux support in their plans. Instead opting to support the platform via Steam Deck. Which the developer does confirm, “runs smoothly.”

Hell of an Office – Early Access Launch Trailer

In Hell of an Office , many places of work create toxic work settings. But that’s certainly nothing compared to the CEO that is literally, the devil. And if stakes weren’t high enough, there is also a quickly rising floor of lava. All surrounding flammable walls of paperwork puts the “dead” in deadline. Storm into 40 office based levels throughout the Ten Circles of Hell. Doing so with the help of an ability granting stapler from the office mascot, Mr. Stapley. Rocket jump, air dash, and fire flaming staples to chase the frantic dream of escaping the HellO Corporation.

Also be sure to avoid spike covered walls in Hell of an Office. There are blistering lazer beams and infinitely spinning saw blades, among other dangerous obstacles. Each made to keep all employees from clocking out. Create customized routes through levels thanks to versatile and addictive level design. Doing so in the ever long chase for Diamond Rank times, top spots on the leaderboards. Along with bragging rights.

Hell of an Office speedrunning first-person platformer game starts into devilish work in Steam Early Access. Priced at $8.79 USD / £7.48 / 8,58€ including the 12% discount. While offering support for Linux and Steam Deck via Proton with Windows PC.

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