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Hellbound developers support and Demo

hellbound developers support and demo for windows pc linux

Hellbound developers support Linux plus a new Demo for Windows PC. Thanks to developer Saibot Studios for their fine creation. Due to release on Steam. But we also have a couple of details regarding Linux.

Devastated that Doom’s launch date has moved? Well have no fear. Saibot Studios are working together with publisher Nimble Giant. They also just released a brand new Demo for Hellbound. And since it runs well on Linux via Proton 4.11-08. Having personally tested the game myself. It’s time to share some news.

The Developer Support for Linux:

We want to port it to Linux, but we can’t confirm that yet. Since we need to have a solid Windows version first.

So this is the short of it. Hellbound does have developer support. There is a comment on the Steam thread to back this statement. Therefore, this a small update, at least highlighting intent. Which is exciting to see, to be honest.
Due note, Saibot Studios is not specifying a full confirmation here. Since the release is at least 6 or 7 months from now. Give or take.

The Demo does work on Steam via Proton, thanks to Unreal Engine 4. This is an excellent sign for the full release. And the studio is off to a good start too.

Hellbound Campaign Demo Trailer

In this demo, you get the first taste of Hellbound. You will visit the Unholy Lands of Hell. This is a forgotten place that was once sacred. Now a rotten refuge for evil. Just make sure those demons pay respect to our Ancestors.

So go head first into some blood soaked first person shooter mayhem. Hellbound is created in homage to the 90’s FPS classics. Such as Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and Blood. While gameplay focuses more on action, speed and gore. Therefore the game leaves you to fight against hordes of enemies.


  • Play as Hellgore, the Ultimate Demon Smashing Badass.
  • Experience one of the early episodes of the Hellbound singleplayer campaign.
  • Discover Hellgore ́s arsenal including the Infamous Indolora and the monstrous Triple Shotgun.
  • Succumb to the relentless Old-School FPS gameplay presented in glorious (and Gory) High-End Graphics.

To download the Hellbound Windows PC demo. Click the link below. Thanks again to Proton, we can play on Linux. And don’t forget to add it to your Wishlist!!