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HELLCARD Artifacts are now in the roguelike

hellcard artifacts update is out for the deck builder rogue-like game on linux steam deck via windows pc

HELLCARD Artifacts update is out for the deck builder rogue-like game that’s playable on Linux and Steam Deck Verified via Windows PC. Thanks to the amazing crew at Thing Trunk for their incredible work. Available in Steam Early Access with 78% Positive reviews.

HELLCARD is about to blow your mind with the new Artifacts update! If you’re into roguelike card games, this update is all about the artifacts. Special items that can change how your battles go down. Due to give you the power to turn the tide of a fight with just one item – that’s what these artifacts are all about!

Now, let me give you a quick tour of some of the HELLCARD Artifacts.

  • Sticky Fingers: This one’s neat. If you end up with no cards in your hand during your turn, boom, you get a new card. It’s like magic!
  • Three Seashells: It’s a bit wild. Whenever you get hit in combat, the other players get healed for the same amount. Talk about team spirit!
  • Salt Lamp: This is one of the Artifacts for patient HELLCARD players. So, if you haven’t taken down any monsters this turn, you get a damage boost the next turn.
  • Flambeau: Feeling tired? For every third card you use up, you get some health back. Handy, right?
  • Bow Tie: It’s as fancy as it sounds. At the start of each battle, it randomly deals a whopping 50 damage to a monster.
  • Hourglass: This is also a game-changer. If your health drops below half, your attacks pack more punch.
  • These artifacts are just a sneak peek. There’s a whole bunch more waiting for you on Linux and Steam Deck.

HELLCARD Release Date Announcement Trailer (before Artifacts)

And here’s the big news – along with the new Artifacts, HELLCARD is almost ready for its big 1.0 launch, due to release in early February. It’s going to be epic, with tons of intense battles and smart strategies. The team’s keeping some details under wraps for now, but they expect that it’s going to be something special.

As you dive into the artifact rich world, you’ll also face new challenges and discover ways to outsmart your opponents. Since it’s not just about fighting; it’s about thinking smart and using your resources wisely. And with these artifacts, who knows what unique strategies you’ll come up with?

So, gear up for an adventure where every choice matters in HELLCARD, and may the artifacts lead you to victory! Keep gaming, since every battle is a chance to be a hero. Available in Steam Early Access priced at $19.99 USD / £15.49 / 16,79€. Playable on Linux via Proton, Steam Deck Verified, with Windows PC.

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