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HELLCARD co-op deck builder offers hope

hellcard co-op deck builder roguelike game does offer hope for linux with windows pc

HELLCARD co-op deck builder roguelike game does offer hope for Linux with Windows PC. Due to the work and effort of developer Thing Trunk. Which is due to make its way onto Steam Early Access soon.

Skystone Games and Thing Trunk are eager to announce that HELLCARD. This is a new game that continues the story of the hugely popular Book of Demons. Due to make its way onto Steam, on February 16th, 2023. Of course, players are invited to add HELLCARD to their wishlist ahead of release. While gameplay will blend adventure, RPG, and strategy genres to create a unique co-op deck builder roguelike game.

Linux Support:

Hellcard is written in our own C++ based engine. We are committed to supporting Proton as much as possible. We continue to support our previous title on Proton, so it only makes sense to continue doing so.

As with Book of Demons, the developer is keen to maintain Proton support. This is also mentioned in the Steam forum. But now, since the release is not far off, we wanted to confirm. It is still a pleasure to see that Thing Trunk will continue to maintain some sort of Linux support. Although, there was the hope of a native Linux build.

HELLCARD Release Date Trailer

For those who want a sneak peek to see what all the excitement is about. The developers have already released the HELLCARD Prologue on Steam. Playing through the Prologue will give everyone a taste of what HELLCARD brings to the table. This also includes both single and multiplayer game modes.

HELLCARD takes place in the paper dungeons first introduced in Book of Demons. While its mechanics revolve around deck-building and fast-paced technical battles. But don’t think this “just another deck-builder.” HELLCARD brings various unique features that require players to consider their moves. For instance, monster placement actually matters and is integral to gaining an edge in battle.

For those who prefer multiplayer fun, HELLCARD offers co-op battles. So that up to three heroes can face Archdemon’s hordes. Multiplayer companions can be friends or random stranger selections online.

When the gang isn’t available, players can tackle the action in single-player mode. Delve into the dungeons solo, or recruit AI-controlled companions to lighten the load.

There’s so much to learn about HELLCARD, releasing on February 16th, 2023. Making its way onto Linux with Proton via the Windows PC build. Which should also translate to Steam Deck. So be sure to Wishlist the co-op deck builder roguelike game on Steam.