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Hellion first-person space survival Early Access gaming release

hellion first-person space survival early access release in gaming

Independent developer Zero Gravity released their debut title. Hence the #firstperson space #survival #multiplayer in gaming, Hellion. Now available on Early Access for $24.99/£18.99/€22.99. Hence the coming release was a reveal back in November, but the Early Access debut getting a push to February. Since this release is only on Windows PC, this Linux port is coming later. But still well worth playing.

So in the Hellion solar system, all in-game objects from planets and moons to ships and stations abide by Newtonian physics. Along with full orbital mechanics. Therefore players have to survive in the most hostile environment known to man. While protecting themselves from the vacuum of space, gathering scarce life support resources. Hence maintaining their base and interacting with other players.

Launching Hellion on Steam Early Access is a big step forward for us”, outlines Marko Smiljanic, Creative Director at Zero Gravity. “The PC player base will vary extremely along with being demanding. So having access to it during the development process allows us shape Hellion into what sci-fi fans really want”.

The first Hellion Early Access build allows players to salvage derelict station modules. While obtaining parts and resources to build their base and upgrade their own equipment. So Hellion colonists can also choose to EVA mine raw resources and refine them into fuel, air and crafting components. Survivors have to exchange the safety of the ship for a thrilling EVA experience. So they explore the ruins of mankind’s first interstellar colony in search of intel, resources and equipment. Players will experience the unique feel of zero gravity movement without restrictions. Having to master the use of inertia for maximum benefit. The Hellion Early Access build offers free multiplayer interactions. So players are able to play as a lone wolf, team up to pilot multi-crew ships with realistic navigation, or engage in PvP close quarters combat.

Are you considering Linux port?

“We are not considering support for other platforms for the early access release. We are however considering porting the game to other platforms in the future.”

“The game is still not fully optimised so we can’t talk about frame rates.

We fully support your Linux Game Consortium’s initiative for Linux gamers.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Full version of the game will have all the features available in the roadmap. Three corporations to choose from. Llarge fleet of functionally different ships, with more planets and other celestial objects. Including more detail for the crafting system and a huge number of items – these are all coming for the full release. These will be implemented through regular updates over the course of EA. Also, we will constantly work on optimization and bug fixes in order to offer our players an exceptional gaming experience.”

Developer Zero Gravity also released an update regarding games server:

“Still, the number of people you will be able to encounter has been somewhat reduced. The server cap is reduced from 100 to 30 players per server. Rest assured that this is only a temporary measure, until we complete the net code optimization to allow for more players per server. Our goal still remains 100 players per server and we will be increasing the player cap as we further optimize the code.”

Since future patches will add more capability to the gaming experience. Hence a fully modular ship and equipment customization, ship to ship combat, asteroid ship mining and gas giant harvesting. While also including realistic wound mechanics, suit damage and degradation, as well as allow building and hacking a security system and much more. Full current and future feature lists can be found here.

The lastest first-person space survival in games is available on Early Access for $24.99 USD or £19.99.

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