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HELLION survival simulator native port update

Hellion survival simulator games update for a linux port to hit the top 10

Hellion maybe not be in everyone’s Top 10 right now, but we do have a Linux port update. Since the games development uses Unity 3D. It’s about that time that a native release should be in the discussions.

What is latest update for Linux?

So where is it? Well that’s the question to developer Zero Gravity. Since the games been in Early Access for a year and still no Linux.
Apparently there are more pressing issues that the studio is working on. Hence the team is working an uphill battle.

“Yes, Hellion is almost a year in Early Access. And we can say we are proud of our first game-child.

I still can’t tell you when it will be ported to Linux. Since we’re still battling against bugs and optimization. With continuous improvement of gameplay and addition of new content. We decided not to go any further with porting. Until we get it all done in terms of performance.”

Since the Linux port is still in the line-up. Having also played the early build of Hellion. The performance even on Windows was a bit off. The
The Steam page points out, “Early Access will last for at least a year. At this time it is hard to estimate how long exactly. It will depend a lot on feedback as the scope of the development may change based on that.”

Hellion gameplay trailer (Windows, coming to Linux)

Set in a distant future where mankind is no longer confined to Earth. Hellion is the result and disaster that struck humanity’s attempt to build the first interstellar colony. While Zero Gravity team is working on game optimization and stability. Also improving the enhanced survival gameplay mechanics. Inducing better navigation and flight systems. Their build includes a lot of new items and inventory changes. So these are weapons, improved ship and station customization.

Steam and Humble games:

So Hellion might not be the Top 10 game we are expecting. The games available on Steam Early Access. The games also on sale via Humble Store with a 30% discount, so $17.49 USD.