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Hello Neighbor Alpha for backing Guts and Glory

Hello Neighbor Alpha for backing Guts and Glory

The hype to check out the Hello Neighbor Alpha, the #stealth #horror #game is huge. Now access is available for Guts and Glory backers. In fact, the amount of attention around the game is by far the biggest tinyBuild has ever seen.

While tinyBuild are not ready yet to give out builds to everyone that signed up, they are going to give out Pre-Alpha keys to everyone who backs the Guts and Glory Kickstarter at $25 or higher. An interesting cross promotion taking place, where those who pledge get all the rewards of the actual Kickstarter, and a Pre-Alpha key for Hello Neighbor Alpha.

What is Hello Neighbor?

Furthermore, tinyBuild will give you an actual Steam Key for Hello Neighbor vs sending a separate build. So you’ll get to see the game evolve as it gets closer to release. This way developers can have version control and prevent a buggy build from leaking into the wild.

  • Back the Guts and Glory Kickstarter at $25 or higher
  • Get a Steam key for the Hello Neighbor Alpha, well the Pre-Alpha first, if the Kickstarter is successful. This will be known in 7 days.
  • Keep the Steam key and get updates as the game progresses

Here is the Guts And Glory Kickstarter Trailer:

We posted news about the Guts And Glory Kickstarter a few days ago. The attention and hype for that game is going strong. It’s a sadistic but gory stunt game that pits players against both physics and momentum, while trying to avoid being chopped into pieces. Try it for yourself, the Pre-Alpha Demo is Free and there is a Linux build.


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