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Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha weekend almost here

Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha weekend almost here

Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha is happening this weekend? That means tinyBuild are releasing the Pre-Alpha build that has been shared with #Youtubers and #Streamers.

  • Everyone who is signed up to the list will get a DRM-free Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha, that all are free to distribute
  • If you backed the Guts & Glory Kickstarter, you’ve already gotten a Steam Key. The difference is that the Steam key will get you future updates automatically, and sooner than the normal list.
  • tinyBuild will figure out a way to allow people to get Steam keys for upcoming updates.
tinyBuild has 10 Steam keys to giveaway right now! For a chance to win
(these grant you instant access to the Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha and future updates)

A few weeks ago tinyBuild sent out the Pre-Alpha to select people, and you may have caught a few Lets Plays here and there. The Pre-Alpha is meant to test out the core mechanic of the game and check stability. Both are (mostly) a win, and tinyBuild will be sharing that build publicly with everyone next week.


  • A very small house with just the ground floor.
  • The Neighbor’s AI works as intended, but will occasionally glitch out and start throwing tomatoes at you non-stop
  • The controls, the graphics, and the house layout are all placeholder. The final visual style is going to be similar with the one shown in the Basement Gameplay Teaser.
  • It’s a small fraction of the game

Do keep in mind, if you sign up for the Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha this will be a Windows PC build for now. Linux will be coming with the full release.


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