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Hellpoint: Blue Sun is out with a new update

hellpoint: blue sun dlc is out with a new update for the game on linux mac windows pc

Hellpoint: Blue Sun DLC is out with a new update for the game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All thanks to the team behind Cradle Games for their continuous effort. Available now on both Steam and GOG. This content requires the base game.

Developers Cradle Games is unleashing a fresh hell upon the cursed space station of Irid Novo. Out now on all platforms, the Hellpoint: Blue Sun DLC expands cult hit action-RPG Hellpoint. Since it offers new areas to explore, bosses to battle, and more mysteries to unravel. While science and ancient magic intertwine yet again.

Praised by critics and fans, Hellpoint was the debut title from indie studio Cradle Games. The Hellpoint: Blue Sun DLC still keeps to the souls-inspired action RPG roots. While taking place in a universe where the line between science and magic has blurred to nothing. In this dark universe, humanity and aliens are unraveling the power of the soul itself. Doing so in unholy experiments to steal the power of ancient cosmic gods.

Hellpoint: Blue Sun DLC – Launch Trailer

Strike a deal with the elder god Asmodeus and descend into the realm of the Hellpoint: Blue Sun. A parallel dimension hiding the city’s deepest secrets. This also includes the truth behind the cataclysm known as the Merge. Explore three new massive and interconnected zones. While you arm yourself with powerful new two-handed weapons. Then hunt horrifying new bosses for their equipment and gorge yourself on a bounty of respecs and other improvements. Reforge yourself as the mightiest Spawn of all.

With the Hellpoint: Blue Sun DLC is an update. So you can respec your stats at the console of the first location: the Pond. On top of being able to now sort items in your inventory by a number of criteria.

Other Changes

  • Added entries to the Hellpoint: Blue Sun DLC levels;
  • You can now take contracts for specific challenges and rewards;
  • New NPCs are now populating the Irid Novo space station;
  • Added a new audio occlusion technology;
  • Local co-op splitscreen can now be set to vertical an ultra-wide monitor is detected;
  • Major bosses now scale better with progression;
  • Some NPCs no longer get stuck in some stairs;
  • Hungarian language added;
  • Optimization and minor bug fixes.

Hellpoint: Blue Sun DLC is available on both Steam and GOG. Also priced at $9.99 USD / £7.19 / 8,19€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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