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Hellpoint releases the long awaited action RPG

hellpoint releases the long awaited action rpg on linux mac windows pc

Hellpoint releases the long awaited action RPG on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Cradle Games and publisher tinyBuild. The game is live now with a rather inspiring trailer. Available on Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

The Kickstarter backed Souls like RPG Hellpoint releases today on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Along with Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With a Nintendo Switch version coming later in 2020.

Hellpoint releases an intense, dark sci-fi RPG. One that also takes place on a derelict space station. Which happens to be orbiting an ominous super massive black hole. The gameplay takes inspiration from title like Dark Souls and Dead Space. Also including movies like Event Horizon and Hellraiser. Hellpoint is doubling down on co-op multiplayer. Since the game brings both split screen and online support. While immersing players in a twisted story involving Cosmic Gods. As well as quantum physics and extinct space civilizations.

Hellpoint releases with a disturbing Trailer

The game is set in the aftermath of a massive quantum cataclysm called the Merge. Hellpoint releases you on board the Irid Novo space station. Which is a beacon of galactic cooperation and scientific exploration. But something has certainly gone horribly wrong. What happens next will be solely determined by your choices.


  • Souls like gameplay in a unique setting: Explore the derelict space station of Irid Novo. Face bizarre enemies with a tight and unforgiving combat system.
  • Occult space story: Hellpoint releases while blending science and fantasy. The intensely atmospheric dark sci-fi setting will keep you searching for answers.
  • Dynamic World: The Quantic System acts as a dungeon master. Slightly transforming the game world every time you die. While triggering events as the station revolves around the black hole.
  • Jump-in co-op and PvP multiplayer: Ask a friend to press Start to join a couch co-op session. Or mayber call for assistance online. Hellpoint also offers a full, uninterrupted co-op story. Which includes shared loot drops.

Since Hellpoint releases the long awaited action RPG. The games available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $34.99 USD on both Humble Store and Steam. There is a 10% discount on GOG right now.

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