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Hellpoint violent action RPG not coming soon

hellpoint violent action RPG not coming soon to linux windows games

Hellpoint is a dark violent sci fi action RPG for Linux and Windows. The game seemed to have been set for a March 16th release. But the listing via Steam is now set to Early 2019.

So almost a year ago, we posted news about Hellpoint. Since the Free demo emerged for 32-bit and 64-bit Linux. Since that time we seem to be getting closer to a full release. Alas, that is not the case. We reached out to developer Cradle Games for further clarification.

Full Release for Linux and Windows:

“The actual release date is Q1 2019. I believe the Linux version will come out along with the Windows one if we don’t hit any major hurdle. But so far so good.
Porting to Linux is much less complicated than porting to consoles.”

This is positive news. But that release date is a ways off. So we do appreciate the further confirmation of a day-one Linux release. There were details showing up in Search results on Steam outlining March 16th. However it looks like we will indeed have to wait. Maybe practice the Demo for a while. 🙂

So yes, Hellpoint is a dark sci fi action RPG. The games set in the aftermath of a massive quantic cataclysm. Players take on the role of a mysterious ghoulish character. While intentions are entirely made by your decisions.

Hellpoint action RPG Greenlight Trailer (Linux, Windows)

Since everything in the design is to give the game character. Giving it a fresh renewable, so that a creeping Stockholm syndrome begins to develop with the delphian space station. With a deep, twisted, mind-breaking and multi-layered lore system to sink teeth in.

Hellpoint supports splitscreen co-op and player versus player on all platforms. You can play the whole game with a friend. Or have him jump up in and out anytime he likes. The loot is shared, and the experience of player two is saved and not watered down. In our youth, we’ve had countless nights of couch gaming fun, playing with friends and siblings until the sun rose. With Hellpoint, we want to bring back couch gaming into a genre that we think cruelly lacks it.

Hellpoint allows you to play the way you want. Using our crafting and customization system, you can adjust your weapons and powers according to your own play style. Do you prefer your healing power to heal more over time or instantaneously? Go edit your power in one of the crafting station, and make it work the way you like. Would you prefer your energy missiles to explode on impact, or to ricochet off enemies? The choice is yours to modify them as you see fit.

The more you fight with a weapon, the more proficient you become with it and eventually you unlock powerful abilities. This can go from an extra long range combo attack to a shattering explosion that sends enemies flying.

Release date:

Hellpoint does not have a specific release date yet. But expect the launch in Q1 2019 on Linux and Windows via Steam.