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HellSign Early Access release in November

hellSign early access release in november for windows linux

HellSign supernatural investigative hunting RPG release is coming to Steam Early Access for Windows and then Linux. Where players assume the role of a freelance hunter building his career towards uncovering the ultimate terror. And we have details about the upcoming debut.

Linux release:

“Hey Todd,

We are developing the game with the Unity Engine.

As far as a Linux port (and ports in general), all of our efforts are currently going into the Early Access release. And making the best possible game. However when the time is right we do plan to port to other platforms.”

So the Linux release is incoming, this will not going to be available on November 7th. But the Unity confirmation is a good sign. Since there is a solid chance the game will work using Proton via Steam Play. And native support will take place somewhere within Early Access. No specific release date or time frame yet. Check out the trailer below, gameplay looks good.

HellSign – Coming soon release trailer (Windows)

Since the whole concept of gameplay is to hunt your nightmares. Taking the roll of the last line of defence between our world and the savage creatures that lurk just outside. You be investigating the world around you and reading the evidence. Players also learn more about what you’re hunting and how to kill it on the fly.

Therefore, you will have to use wits, your experience and your arsenal of monster-hunting tools. While working to rid the world of ghouls, ghosts and demons. And also everything else that goes bump in the night – for the right price of course.


  • HellSign is a hardcore single player hunting game centralized around investigating and hunting supernatural enemies.
  • Dark & unique art direction, using light & shadows to create a mysterious haunting atmosphere, with carefully tailored animation bringing the game to life.
  • Procedural level generation, mixed with dynamic clue and enemy generation makes for a massively replayable experience. Clues are logically scattered around the level which the player has to find and decipher.
  • Character progression & customization, with countless hightech gadgets, weapons and consumables.
  • Contrasting gameplay, with rewarding & atmospheric investigation, mixed with fast paced intense combat throughout and ending with an epic showdown at the end of a job.

Early Access:

HellSign is coming to Early Access on Windows on November 7th, then Linux sometime later. However the price is still TBD.

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