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HELMET Force action brawler and native support

helment force action brawler and linux support

HELMET Force: Rise of the Machines is an action brawler platformer coming to Windows, Xbox and likely Linux. We reached out to Forge Studios, a development team made up of veterans with years of experience on triple A projects for details.

Forge Studios are eager to announce HELMET Force: Rise of the Machines, its very first game. Since this is indeed an action platformer bralwer, which si coming to Xbox One via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program. As well as Windows, but what’s the story about Linux?

Linux Support:

  • We are using the Unity 3D engine
  • At the moment we are focusing on PC and XBOX One release first, this of course does not rule out other platforms later on.

So the use of Unity 3D for game development is not a surprise. What is kind interesting is the focus on XBOX One, then Windows. Followed then by Linux support later. Which is kind of a given these days. But this is a Unity 3D brawler game.

Therefore, now on to the story. With a surprise assault Baroness MadHead’s troops destroying the Headquarters of HELMET Force. So now she can finally aim to take over the world with her relentless army of mechanical minions.

Major B.Campbell and his companion AI Venus are the only HELMET operatives left. Since they will have to infiltrate the scary MadHead’s Fortress of Doom to save their teammates. And of course restore peace to the world!
So many dangers await our heroes with the undergrounds, towers, factories and laboratories. Full of traps and all sorts of dangerous machinery. The Baroness will unload hundreds, thousands of minions and menacing bosses to stop our heroes.

Therefore you will need the help of the Gauntlets 9000. Major B. Campbell will face any enemy using his trustworthy Ordinary Punches. While upgrading them with the devastating Megaton punches and Electro-chainsaws. So it looks like the action brawler platformer will have solid mayhem. Possibly carnage.

HELMET Force: Rise of the Machines reveal trailer (Windows, XBox, then Linux)

Will this be enough? Will our heroes manage to defeat the evil Baroness and stop her plan for world domination?


  • Unique visuals with a blend of 2D graphics retaining 3d effects and dynamic lighting.
  • A funny and epic journey with a cast of colorful characters.
  • Compelling combat and upgrade systems.
  • Exploration with a Metroidvania touch.

So Linux will coming later, but thankfully the trailer above looks interesting. Actually, this is what caught my attention about the HELMET Force: Rise of the Machines. This looks like it could very well be a challenging action brawler style of platformer. Therefore I’m still a bit set back about Linux support though.

The Action Brawler debut:

HELMET Force: Rise of the Machines will be showcased to press for the first time at GAMESCOM 2018 Cologne this August. While game still does not have a Steam page or a functional Twitter account.

For more information, visit the official website.

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