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HERO.EXE tactical action RPG hits Kickstarter

hero.exe tactical action rpg game hits kickstarter for linux mac and windows pc

HERO.EXE tactical action RPG game hits Kickstarter for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Mystery Egg Games. Which has already passed its crowdfunding campaign goal.

Developed by Mystery Egg Games and published by Top Hat Studios, Inc.. HERO.EXE is part tactical action RPG, part collectible card game, and part visual novel. Which is also inspired by the classic Mega Man Battle Network series. Not to mention the popular modern day favorites. Due to games like Hearthstone and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Coming to all major PC storefronts: Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. HERO.EXE is expected to release in Q1 of 2024. The Kickstarter campaign is live until October 21st. Having also passed the $20,000 USD campaign goal, currently 116% funded. While enthusiasts of the genre can pick up exclusive rewards, merchandise, and reserve copies of the game. A Windows PC demo is also accessible from the Steam page. Which works very well with Proton 6.3-6 and it’s very responsive. The dialogue is already voiced, which certainly makes the game feel alive. Check it out.

HERO.EXE Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

In another world, The Grid was design uses much the same way our own Internet. Dong so with elbow grease and a dream. However, the HERO.EXE world turned out very different from ours. Instead of websites, they built oceans. Instead of vlogs, they built cities, and soon A.V.A.s came into being. A.V.A.s are all partnered with pilots in the real world. Shopping, socializing, and browsing the grid are the many everyday essentials done through A.V.A.s.

However, one day upon logging in, you realise something’s not quite right on The Grid. Soon enough, an A.V.A. you’ve never seen before materialises before you. Who also changes your destiny with just a handful of words, “I need you to pilot me”.

Connect to the internet of another world, choose your A.V.A.. Go on an adventure to change both of our worlds! Each A.V.A. is a living being that will act and respond to your actions. Each of them has their own personality and goals. Including their own histories, stories, and relationships in HERO.EXE. All of these have an effect on your play-through. So get ready to take on whatever the Grid has to throw at you, together!


  • Deep, fully customizable card based combat systems and decks! Use the A.V.A. Build System to build and compile together your own personal combat deck. Including over 300 unique cards and abilities! Collect ‘em all and have fun trying out different combo’s.
  • A journey around a diverse, interconnected digital world! The HERO.EXE Grid is made up of users from all walks of life. Coming with all sorts of hobbies and all sorts of weird personalities. When these people come together, they form “server worlds”. You’ll journey across them with your A.V.A. Move from tile to tile as you explore each server. So you can uncover mysteries and meet new friends (or foes). Then flick back and forth with your P.O.K.I.T. to customise your deck. Keep up to date with what’s going on with other pilots.
  • Complex characters and complex stores  – every A.V.A. is unique, with their own personalities, histories, and goals. Bond (or clash) with them as you navigate across The Grid. And who you might know (and how much they like you) might change how things turn out. Just be aware that as the Pilot. Since your decisions are final and may have unforeseen outcomes!
  • Gorgeous artworks and story segments! HERO.EXE’s deep story is told through the usage of lovingly crafted drawing. And on occasion visual novel esque sequences.
  • Intense, multi-phase action and combat! Get onto a grid to fight glitches, weird mischievous monstrosities that have begun terrorising the locals of the server worlds. Pick your hand of cards, set up on the grid, and out skill your opponent.

The Campaign:

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for HERO.EXE is live until the October 21st. Where enthusiasts of tactical action RPG games can pick up exclusive rewards, merchandise, and reserve copies of the game. A demo is also accessible from the page. While the full release is due to be available on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC in Q1 of 2024.

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