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Hero-U Makes Final Stretch For Kickstarter Deadline

Less than three days to go and Corey and Lori Cole are making a final push towards their $400,000 Kickstarter goal. The project is sitting at the $312,875 mark and is scheduled to close in just 70 hours. So if you want to see the original Quest for Glory creators get a shot at their new game, it’s best to support the project as soon as possible.

Hero-U is a throwback to classic adventure gaming, but brought into today’s generation of gaming. In other words, gamers who want a real adventure game without all of the standard-fare hand-holding can look forward to the challenge, intrigue and comedy of Hero-U without having to worry about the game suffering from consolitis.

Additional updates on the Kickstarter project also indicates that the game will be running on none other than the Unity Engine. The game itself will make use of a lot of sprite technology, but what’s more is that Corey and Lori are leveraging the great and ever-growing community of Unity users to streamline their design process with all the great plug-ins and add-ons available for the indie-friendly engine, so designing the game has been a lot easier for them than as opposed to starting from the ground up. There’s even a strong platform available for a Linux port.

You can pledge to the Hero-U campaign right now or learn more by visiting the Official Kickstarter Page.