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Heroes Wanted deckbuilder game hits hard

heroes wanted roguelike deckbuilding game his early access on linux mac and windows pc

Heroes Wanted roguelike deckbuilding game his Early Access on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Gameplete, the developer behind this exciting adventure, poured their creativity into making a truly engaging experience. Available on Steam Early Access with Very Positive reviews.

Heroes Wanted is a new kind of roguelike deckbuilding adventure on Linux. It’s all about strategy and clever choices, where you get to build a powerful deck of cards to battle against tough enemies. Including the formidable Demon King.

Since every fight you win lets you choose new cards and items. These aren’t just any cards – each one has special skills. The trick is to mix and match these cards in a way that makes your deck unbeatable.

Now, the Heroes Wanted gameplay is all about being smart with your choices. You’ve got different types of cards with elements and skills. The way you combine these cards can make your attacks way stronger. So, every round, you’ve got to think and work out the best card combo right now?

In Heroes Wanted, it’s not just about the fighting. It’s about building your perfect deck. You get cards as rewards, and it’s like a puzzle to figure out how they all fit together. How does one card’s skill work with another? It’s about planning and thinking ahead, like a chess game of monsters!

Each turn is a new decision. You look at your items, artifacts (special objects with powers), and your cards. Sometimes, you might take a risk that seems unusual, but it could turn out to be a genius move.

Heroes Wanted – Early Access Trailer

Heroes Wanted keeps things fresh and unpredictable. The events you come across and the artifacts you pick change each time you play. So, it’s always a new game. But remember, sometimes luck might not be on your side, and that’s part of the challenge.

Heroes Wanted is currently in Early Access, you can play it while it’s still being polished. Due to help shape the nature of the game in development. Right now, you get two characters to play as, each with their own special skills. Plus, there’s a bunch of cards, artifacts, events, and items to discover.

The story follows Luca, a regular kid from a small town. His life turns upside down when he finds a powerful soul stone wanted by the Demon King. Luca’s journey is about bravery and finding allies to fight off evil forces.

What makes it so good?

This is a real hidden treasure. It stands out in the world of roguelike deckbuilders with its unique approach and engaging content, doing so at an affordable price. It’s refreshing to find a title that brings something new to the table and executes it brilliantly. Although it currently lacks carry-over progress or unlockables, the value it offers is undeniable. Even though the random elements can be tough at times. I’m certainly eager to see how it evolves and grows.

In short, Heroes Wanted roguelike deckbuilding is a blend of strategy, planning, and luck. It’s about making the right moves, building a strong deck, and adapting to new challenges. It’s perfect for anyone who likes thinking on their feet and outsmarting tough opponents. Give it a try and see if you have what it takes to defeat the Demon King. Available on Steam, priced at only $8.79 USD / £7.43 / 8,63€ with the 20% release discount. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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