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Heroic Mercenaries is fast paced mayhem

heroic mercenaries releases fast paced mayhem on linux and windows pc

Heroic Mercenaries releases fast paced mayhem on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Azure Fire Games. Available now on Steam along with a launch week discount.

Heroic Mercenaries is an action game. Which also takes place in a beautiful fantasy world. The legendary dragon Naoce just destroyed your town. So its up to you to take revenge. And from the gameplay, it looks like mayhem will ensue.

Sling spells left and right in the top down shooter, Heroic Mercenaries. While you have to face waves of enemies in three different game modes. During these missions, you will either take down a boss. Or defend a specific point or destroy a structure.
Since each character has their own playstyle. So if you like to shoot fireballs and thunderbolts, there is a powerful wizard. You can also heal and strengthen your allies with the radiant priestess. Or trick and scare your enemies to death with a terrifying demon. What more could you ask for?

Heroic Mercenaries Trailer of fast paced mayhem

Heroic Mercenaries is unlike your typical action RPG. But plays more like a fast paced League of Legends. Where you have to outrun and out maneuver enemies. But also allow yourself time to position yourself. Then defeat your enemies.

So you start off by choosing a character. Then from your mercenary band. Simply by recruiting allies such as knights, swordsmen, and assassins. You can even have cute dogs in Heroic Mercenaries. Well, should you choose?
From here you take on challenging missions. Well, those that the town of Dragonless has to offer. And this way you’ll work to become stronger and build a strong team. Maybe enough to defeat the dragon??

And of course, as you grow stronger, you customize your experience. Using skill points for your character. Also decorations for your house which provide combat bonuses.

Heroic Mercenaries releases now on Steam. Available with a 10% discount, priced at $13.49 USD. Available for Linux and Windows PC.

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