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Hexarchy deck building support and Kickstarter

hexarchy deck building linux game support and a kickstarter for mac and windows pc

Hexarchy deck building Linux game support and a Kickstarter for Mac and Windows PC. All due to the effort of developer Main Tank Software. Who just released their crowdfunding campaign.

Independent game development studio Main Tank Software informs that their Kickstarter campaign is live. All due to fund the historical deck building strategy game, Hexarchy for Steam. Actually, the campaign went live on March 14.

According to the Steam comment, Linux is an option, stating:

We’d consider it if there’s interest – yea.

However the Kickstarter campaign outlines something different for Linux in the FAQ.

We want to fully support playing on Linux using Proton. But we have not had time to test this and investigate problems yet. We think Hexarchy is a great game for Steam Deck. So this is important to us and we plan to work on it soon.

Hexarchy is developed in Unity 3D, there is also a Demo on Steam. Which does run via Proton, but it’s not a native port, and you will encounter errors. Meaning, there needs to be more Tux Love and support via the Discussions comment. Main Tank Software needs to player their cards right and offer a native Linux build, which is better for the Steam Deck.

Hexarchy Kickstarter Trailer

Hexarchy is a fast-paced strategy game. One that takes the result of the decisions of a multi-hour turn-based 4x game. Then packs them into an action packed hour long game. Play multiplayer online with up to 10 players or customize your single player game.

In Hexarchy, you can explore to find other civilizations in a procedurally generated world. All while you build cities, armies, make upgrades with your cards and research more technology. The gameplay refines almost all of your decisions down to two actions: playing cards or ordering units.

With 26 days to end and 16% of their objective already pledged of the $25,000 USD goal. Along with the support of 56 backers, the Kickstarter campaign will help the developer fund the costs of production for Hexarchy.


  • ​​One-hour games
  • ​​Up to 10 players online with simultaneous turns
  • ​​Consequential decisions every turn — no clicking through turns
  • ​​Engaging and well-paced game loop that is accessible for non-hardcore 4x strategy gamers
  • ​​Layered systems offering true strategic depth with difficult decisions even for the most experienced players

Hexarchy deck building game is Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign looks good. However, we still need more votes and support for Linux with Mac and Windows PC.

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