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Hexarchy fast-paced strategy challenges you

hexarchy is a new fast-paced strategy game aiming at linux via proton steam deck with windows pc and mac

Hexarchy is a new fast-paced strategy game aiming at Linux via Proton on Steam Deck with Windows PC and Mac. Thanks to the insights provided by developer Main Tank Software, we have some exciting details. Due to make its way onto Steam next month.

Main Tank Software just released news about their upcoming title, Hexarchy. A solid game for those who like fast-paced strategy and planning.

Due to launch on October 19th for both Windows PC and Mac, Hexarchy offers a unique blend of 4X-style exploration and deckbuilding mechanics. Think of it as combining the thrill of exploring vast terrains. While expanding your territory, exploiting resources, and battling rivals. Doing so with the cunning of creating and refining a deck of cards for tactics.

As a result, each Hexarchy session won’t drag on for hours and hours. In just about an hour, you’ll experience a rich tapestry of decisions and outcomes. All due to shape a distinct story each time. Dive into a vast array of technologies and civics. Design a deck of cards that perfectly blends with your vision of conquest and diplomacy. Set out and claim new areas and build inspiring wonders. While you setup key infrastructures to boost your resources.

…we’ve tested it some on the Steam Deck. We’re doing frequent play tests and would love for your community members to give it a shot.

The team behind Hexarchy are trying it on Steam Deck. Although Unity is being used for game development, Linux support is still in question. The developers are confidence in Proton support. But, a native build is not out of the question.

Hexarchy Trailer

Got a competitive spirit? The Hexarchy multiplayer mode and pit your wits against up to 9 other players. If you’re someone who like a more personal challenge, they’re rolling out a weekly event where you connect with fellow fans. Due to steer a chosen civilization to global supremacy.

And don’t fret if you’re looking for variety. Hexarchy has everything from customizable matches and daily tasks to newly introduced campaigns every week. Plus, if you’re in the mood for some relaxed fun with friends, there’s a more laid-back multiplayer option available.

What makes Hexarchy stand out is its deep yet accessible fast-paced strategy . It takes familiar concepts, such as building cities, raising armies, and marveling at wonders. Then puts a fresh twist on them using card mechanics. The world around you will change every time you play, thanks to its procedural generation. And the array of tech and civic choices means you’ll always have new cards to play with.

But the real beauty? The adaptability. Suppose an opponent’s city is a fortress. Instead of a frontal attack, why not be clever and cut off their food supply? Or if an enemy force seems unbeatable in battle, think about isolating them by targeting their supply routes.

So be sure to Wishlist Hexarchy on Steam. The fast-paced strategy game is due to release on October 19th via Mac and Windows PC. But playable on Linux via Proton as well as Steam Deck.

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