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Hexarchy strategy game holding onto Proton

hexarchy strategy game holding onto proton for linux with windows pc

Hexarchy strategy game holding onto Proton for Linux with Windows PC. Due to the ongoing support and effort of developer Main Tank Software. Which working its way onto Steam.

Indie game development studio Main Tank Software informs about Linux and Proton support. Along with support for their historical deck building strategy game, Hexarchy. The was an Alpha update, but it seems that Proton support is the main choice.

A native Linux version is also possible in the future.

Since Unity 3D is the game engine of choice, Linux porting should be easy enough. However, it’s also up to the developer and a “wait and see”. This is the one big downside of Proton support, it hinders a native port. And of course, developers are catching on.
Having played the Hexarchy Demo, I sincerely hope for a native Linux build.

Hexarchy – The Journey So Far

Hexarchy is a fast-paced strategy game. One that takes the decisions of a multi-hour turn-based 4x game and packs them into an action packed hour long game. Play multiplayer online with up to 10 players. You can also customize your single player game.

In Hexarchy, you can explore to find other civilizations in a procedurally generated world. Then build cities, armies, make upgrades with your cards, and research more tech. The gameplay boils almost all of your decisions down to two actions. Both playing cards or ordering units.

Currently, there is a free demo of the game available on Steam. Which also sees upgrades with Proton support. So it’s worth playing.


  • ​​One-hour games
  • Up to 10 players online with simultaneous turns
  • Consequential decisions every turn — no clicking through turns
  • Engaging and well-paced game loop. Hexarchy is accessible for non-hardcore 4x strategy gamers
  • Layered systems offering true strategic depth with difficult decisions even for the most experienced players

Limitless strategies

    • Use your military units to capture any hex
    • Strategically destroy cards to tailor your deck to the situation
    • Is an enemy city too well defended? Take their food supply to starve them instead
  • Can’t defeat an invading army in the field? Try cutting off their supply lines

Hexarchy strategy is due to release in April 2023. Working to make its way onto Windows PC, but Linux is still possible. So be sure to try the free Demo and Wishlist the game on Steam.

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