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HeXit Point-and-Click Adventure Game Update on Kickstarter

HeXit one of the few Linux games still awaiting pledges on Kickstarter is asking for your support.

“We have only a little time remaining of the Kickstarter campaign and we have not succeeded yet. We kindly ask all of you, backers, to spread the news that officer Jane Davis’ world awaits her supporters. The battle is not lost yet we have seen miracles on Kickstarter in a few hours of time. We need all the adventure game fans to jump on board. We trust you! Thank you.”

HeXit will be a point-and-click adventure game. While having the atmosphere and the visuals of a game of this genre should be as spectacular as possible, so everything in the game will be presented in the form of pre-rendered graphics.
Creating a game combining these elements while focusing on a compelling storyline with twists and exciting adventures. A spectacular sci-fi world, which, on the one hand, looks amazing but will also exist as a realistic, richly-detailed and interactive environment in the atmosphere similar to the new Total Recall movie.
Several side-stories and detailed in-game world await those who enjoy exploring everything in a game while including countless usable items which can be combined. Not to mention HeXit will also be coming with several mini-games.

Any help and support for this dynamic adventure game would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE July 10th

As you might have already noticed we are not even close to the target goal of the campaign. In spite of its unlikely that we succeed on Kickstarter we won’t give up on the game, as we have promised! We will start developing HeXit regardless of the success of this campaign so we will need your help in the future as well! We cannot promise you a fixed release date now but please join our HeXit Facebook page to keep you updated in the future:

Thank you for backing HeXit and see you soon!
Csaba Horvath

Todd B.
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