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Hidden Deep sci-fi thriller is due for day one support

hidden deep sci-fi thriller is due for day one support for linux with windows pc

Hidden Deep sci-fi thriller is due for day one support on Linux with Windows PC. According to details from developer Cogwheel Software and publisher Daedalic Entertainment. Which is coming to Steam sometime in 2021.

The new sci-fi thriller Hidden Deep is due to release on PC. So that players can explore a vast suboceanic research and mining facility inhabited by alien creatures. All brought to life in a 2D game world full of action, mystery and danger.

Reaching out to Cogwheel Software about Linux, “yes, on release.” But instead of using a mainstream game engine. The developer is using open source programming language, Blitzmax. Which is certainly headed for day one support. Now, check out the trailer below to see some gameplay.

Hidden Deep | Pre-Alpha Trailer 2020

In Hidden Deep, you lead a team of four researchers to a mysterious facility. Taking place 1,6 km below the ocean floor. So you can find out what has happened to the station’s crew who have seemingly disappeared. You must command your team members in a dark sci-fi story. Which takes inspiration from 80s and 90s classics like Alien, The Thing and the first Half-Life game. Explore the depths using a variety of gadgets, shoot, blast or sneak your way through. Making your way around dangerous traps and alien lairs in Hidden Deep. But try not to get eaten by the facility’s inhabitants (including your own crew members!).


  • A Hidden Deep mission based single player experience. Where you control your team directly or by giving orders.
  • Story mode with more than 50 narrative driven and handcrafted levels. While paying homage to 80s and 90s sci-fi classics.
  • Challenge mode with randomized levels for fast paced, intense action.
  • Explore of suboceanic caves using grappling hooks, scanners, drones, heavy machinery and more.
  • Sneaky and deadly aliens, environmental traps and other hidden dangers. Due to make your life miserable – and exciting.

For players wanting to get a taste of what’s in store. A demo version of Hidden Deep will be available during the Steam Games Festival: February 2021 from February 3rd to February 9th.

Hidden Deep sci-fi thriller will be released on Linux with Windows PC via Steam in 2021. Until that time you can also Wishlist the game on Steam.

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