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Hide and Seek Party Pack a new bundle deal

hide and seek party pack a new bundle deal in linux mac windows pc games

Hide and Seek Party Pack Bundle releases with games for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So you can get your hands some fine party games. Thanks to the Steam Summer Sale. What better time to save on a great deal.

Hide and Seek Party Pack consists of 5 party based games. While all with a similar theme. Since players can’t rely on their eyes alone to target their opponents.
So each playerswill need to use their wits. Hide or seek out their friends. And also sneak up on them (in a murderous way). The bundle includes At Sundown: Shots in the Dark and Invisigun Heroes. As well as Screencheat, which all have Linux support.

However, Muffled Warfare is very playable via Proton. While Black and White Bushido is relatively untested in Steam Play.

Why Hide and Seek Party Pack?

“Game devs Ted Park (Mild Beast, At Sundown: Shots in the Dark). Also Nicholas McDonnell (Samurai Punk, Screencheat), Shadi Muklashy (Sombr Studio, Invisigun Heroes). Including David Clark (Green Man Gaming, Black & White Bushido). And Justin Ng (Gattai Games, Muffled Warfare) have collaborated. So they can bring together the ultimate bundle. Hence this Hide and Seek Party Pack available in the Steam Summer Sale.

The Hide and Seek Party Pack is a great opportunity. For indies like ourselves to team up. And offer a great party bundle to fans and indie game lovers. All of which have a familiar style or theme. We hope players enjoy the selection we’ve put together.” Said Ted Park, CEO of Mild Beast.

As a personal example, At Sundown: Shots in the Dark. It’s just good fun. Second to that, Invisigun Heroes. But if you want that FPS vibe, go full send in Screencheat.

The games are bundled at a 20% discount. So this gives players 5 party night games. Doing it all for under $60 USD. For a limited time during the Steam Summer Sale. The Hide and Seek Party Pack discount is an a bigger 54% off. Also a much better deal.

Of course, most of the games in the bundle support Linux. The rest are Mac and Windows PC. But thanks to Proton, they are playable. Also check out the games in our Versus Evil post.