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Hipster Café due to have you build and manage

hipster cafe tycoon game due to have you build and manage a business on linux mac windows pc

Hipster Café tycoon game due to having you build and manage a business on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer of useful slug. Which is due to arrive on Steam in April of 2022.

With the Steam Next Fest now passing, there was a public playtest of Hipster Café. Which plays well on Linux via Proton. Actually, it’s not bad considering the developer is still making changes. While working to balance the game. But the demo is actually pretty good. Especially for tongue in cheek business tycoon game.

Linux support is confirmed via email with a useful slug:

Indeed I am planning to release a Linux build.
…it should be relatively well supported via the normal Unity build process.

Hipster Café should be arriving with day-one Linux support. There is a shader issue that seems to be causing the developer some hardship. So if by some chance we don’t have a day-one Linux release, it’s coming. But first, check out the game’s trailer.

Hipster Café Trailer

Use your trust fund to buy up some old warehouse building in the run down part of town. Then market Hipster Café to the nouveau riche in a cynical attempt to drive up property prices. Can you successfully work through the shifting waters of pop culture? Doing so in order to market your eatery to the hippest demographic?


  • Make stupid food in Hipster Café. Then serve it on a skateboard, and impress your friends by drawing them in with your coffee.
  • Is that a utility object or décor? Customise your space to keep it at the cutting edge of design.
  • Fill your Hipster Café with the latest greatest entertainment and distractions. You should probably put an axe throwing range in your café, that seems safe.
  • Keep up to date on the latest trends on social media. Send out a Toot with the right hashtags before the Hot Take timer goes out to get bonus followers.

Call dad when your Hipster Café runs out of money and hope he doesn’t make you get a ‘real job’. Yes, this is a simulation game based on very real life experiences. Serving up a menu based on the latest trends. Then research more obscure coffees and entertain the Hipsters by building up a map of creazy furniture.

Hipster Café tycoon game is coming to Steam in April 2022. The exact release date is still TBD. Arriving on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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