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Hipster Cafe sim still due to get support

hipster cafe management sim game still due to get support for linux and mac with windows pc

Hipster Cafe management sim game still due to get support for Linux and Mac with Windows PC. All due to further details and effort of developer useful slug. Currently live and comes with a solid start in Steam Early Access.

Since launching the free demo of Hipster Cafe in Steam Next Fest in February. Now useful slug has an incredible amount of invaluable player feedback. So they want to keep working with players to make sure the game is the best it can be. This is also the next step for the game’s release in early access.

A huge amount of content is already in Hipster Cafe. But of course, for early access, there are area’s that still need more balancing, tweaks, and bug fixes. Hence the continuing player feedback.
On top of this, both Linux and Mac support is in the works for the Unity 3D game. Reaching out to useful slug, they replied stating, “Linux and Mac ports are some of my top priority.” Right now the developer is working to fix the immediate bugs from early access testers. At the same time, looking for Linux best testers soon via Linux_gaming subreddit and possibly the Discussions post.

Hipster Cafe Trailer

Here are some of the things you can already do in the early access version:

  • Build furniture, decorations, equipment, and entertainment items from a list of over 220 items in your Hipster Cafe. Hipsters just wanna have fun.
  • Make stupid food by combining 80 weird ingredients, and serving it up on one of eight different “plates”. Manage your menu to impress over 30 different types of hipsters.
  • From filter coffee to cold brew, adjust the flavor of 10 types of coffee, and impress the hipsters by drawing what they ask for with the latte art in their coffee.
  • Keep up to date on the latest trends on social media. Send out a Toot with the right hashtags before the Hot Take timer goes out to gain bonus followers for your café!
  • Research to unlock the improved Hipster Cafe entertainment items. Such as better café equipment and more ingredients.
  • Choose the colors and floors of your café, and design its unique logo.
  • Hire and manage your very own staff from more than 30 hireable characters.
  • Call your dad when you run out of money, or just to ask “What’s up?”,

Hipster Cafe management sim game is coming to Linux and Mac with Windows PC. Currently available on Steam Early Access. Which is also priced at $21.24 USD / £16.56 / 17,84€ with a 10% discount. Check out the Demo, it should run well via Proton for most distro’s.

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