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Hired 2 Die dark horror co-op gets a Demo

hired 2 die dark horror co-op game gets a demo for both linux and windows pc

Hired 2 Die dark horror co-op game gets a Demo for both Linux and Windows PC. The ingenious minds of Electric Monkeysy unleash a captivating creation that will leave you breathless. Available to try on Steam.

Get ready to step into the universe of Hired 2 Die on Linux. Due to take you on a dark adventure where the way we see things and what is actually real can get blurry. In Hired 2 Die, your perception of reality can create dangerous beings called Distortions. As the world teeters on the brink of chaos, a mysterious organization known as Intersection emerges to confront this threat.

In Hired 2 Die, you find yourself in a world where people’s minds are falling apart. This is causing creepy creatures and strange objects called Distortions to appear. These eerie things pop up in places where people are feeling really stressed out or sad. Intersection, a secret company, hires special workers like you to test, fight, and contain these Distortions.

You’ll use a security computer in the main room to access the footage from various security cameras throughout Hired 2 Die levels. This lets you check if a path is safe or if there are anything strange around that you need to deal with later. If there’s a creature lurking in a spot you want to go, you can use the sound system to make noise and lure it away. If you’re playing the dark horror co-op with a friend, you can also guide them to where they need to go and keep them safe.

Hired 2 Die | Demo Release Trailer

The dark horror co-op is available in 10 different languages. In Hired 2 Die, you are a strategic planner who has to go into workplaces and face dangerous challenges. Your goal is to survive and complete missions.

The Distortions attach themselves to objects that have caused someone a lot of distress. Depending on the difficulty level of the task you choose, you might have to do simple things like organizing boxes. Or more complex tasks like fixing electrical systems that require advanced knowledge. Intersection always provides a manual that explains how to do your job in Hired 2 Die.

One important aspect of Hired 2 Die is the tactical planning and preparation. You need to gather useful items and learn about the layout of the rooms. You can also control security systems like doors and alarms to your advantage. But be careful, since you have limited energy and you need to use it wisely.

Another great feature is the ability to talk to other Linux players. You can talk to your partner when they are close to you, and if they are far away, you can use CCTVs to chat with them. This helps you come up with the best strategies to stay alive. You can play Hired 2 Die alone or with a friend.


To progress in Hired 2 Die, you have to complete different contracts. These contracts involve tasks like organizing boxes or fixing electrical systems. Each completed objective helps you advance and prepares you for harder missions. The game provides manuals to guide you and teach you the skills you need.

In Hired 2 Die, you can also buy equipment to help in your missions. You can get new gear from the in-game store to make sure you’re ready for dangerous jobs and creatures. It’s important to be resourceful and adaptable to survive the dark horror co-op.

So make sure to equip yourself with the best items available in the Hired 2 Die in-game store. You’ll items to handle the more dangerous jobs and creatures that you’ll encounter. It’s always a good idea to have an extra tool or a stronger flashlight, just in case.

So get ready for an deep dark horror co-op game where perception and reality collide. Explore a world filled with suspense and mystery as you work to tackle Distortions and save humanity from the edge of chaos. Available to try on Steam for Linux and Windows PC. Due to launch in Q3 2023.

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