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Histera free to play shooter has port in roadmap

histera: fall of human free to play shooter game has a linux port in roadmap with windows pc

Histera: Fall of Human free to play shooter game has a Linux port in roadmap with Windows PC. Thanks to recent developer details from StickyLock Games. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2022.

Histera: Fall of Human is a free to play, rapid-fire multiplayer shooter game. One that also features dynamic deathmatch arenas that transform as you fight. Learn more about our unique ‘Glitch’ mechanic that procedurally re-generates maps during matches. While delivering more random, feverish combat, available in the new developer diary.

However, a recent Steam comment also indicates Linux support. Which is certainly reassuring.

We don’t know how Histera will perform on Linux yet, but it is definitely on our roadmap!

Histera: Fall of Human, as previously stated, is developed in Unity 3D, which should make the Linux port easier. This is an interesting choice for a multiplayer game, but still, it does offer an impressive twist. Now, let’s talk gameplay.

After a great career working across augmented and virtual reality. Now StickyLock Games are tearing at the fabric of time and space once again. But this time with their very own IP. While aspects like precision and strategy are key. So you can exploit terrain and weapons from across history. These will glitch in and out as the bullets fly.

Histera: Fall of Human Ep. #2 – Meet The Glitch

  • Master the Glitch
    Enter a bleak dystopian future in Histera: Fall of Human. Since the rich and powerful have left an earth that is unfit to live in. As a result, leaving those that remain to battle for their own chance to escape in protective domes. These will house dynamic deathmatch arenas. Easy to pick up but hard to master, you’ll have to adapt on the fly to survive. Since the randomized zones within the arena glitch between 3 different locations. And also from 3 distinct historical eras. These are the prehistoric Pliocene Plateau, and war torn 20th century Novgorod. Then the futuristic metropolis of Montorro City.
  • Locate, Communicate, Dominate
    As the Glitch overlaps different eras in one frenzied arena, you are able to gather more types of weapons. From bows and arrows and gas grenades, to spears and sniper rifles. In Histera: Fall of Human teamwork and communication will be key to finding them. And even keeping them and controlling your enemies in unrelenting matches of dynamic action.
  • Community Focused
    Histera: Fall of Human will launch into early access with deathmatch as its tentpole game mode. In the future StickyLock will be releasing a level editor. Seeing this will allow the community to get creative. Then use the unique glitch mechanic and build their very own arenas to share via the Steam Workshop. With plans to explore the glitches and the story behind them. The developer is eager to develop the story, hone the gameplay loop and build something truly amazing.

That being said, we will have more details coming soon on Linux support. In the meantime, be sure to sign up for the newsletter.

Histera: Fall of Human free to play shooter game is available to Wishlist on Steam. Due to release in 2022 on Windows PC, and Linux as well.

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