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History Lessons in Europa Universalis IV?

history lessons packs launch for the europa universalis iv game on linux mac windows pc

History Lessons packs launch for the Europa Universalis IV game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Kudos to Paradox Tinto, the creative powerhouse that’s not afraid to take a chance on innovation. Available now on both Steam and GOG.

Thanks to all the work and effort of Paradox Interactive. They are now letting players dive into various eras in world history and lets you change the outcome. You’re not just reading or looking at a map, but you can actually jump in and make choices on Linux. Things that could change how history plays out. Thanks again to the new History Lessons packs.

Now, Paradox Interactive want to make the games experience even more educational. They’ve teamed up with two guys that know a lot about Chinese and Japanese history. Their names are Laszlo Montgomery and Isaac Meyer. Both of them host their own podcasts about the history of China and Japan. What’s even better is that they’ve made audio tracks that you can listen to while you’re playing. These are like mini history lessons that help you learn more about what was going on in the world at the time. And also why certain things were happening.

Behind the History Lessons pack

Laszlo Montgomery thinks these History Lessons packs are like quick, healthy snacks. Since they give you lots of interesting facts and detail that make Europa Universalis IV even better. He’s also happy to be part of this project since this is all about making history enjoyable and easy to learn.

The person in charge of the game at Paradox Interactive, Ryan Sumo, sees these History Lessons packs as just the first step. He thinks people can learn a lot from using Europa Universalis IV. So he wants to make that learning even more fun. They’re planning to include more audio lessons and History Lessons packs. Along with other things they’re working on. They’re even looking at how they can work with schools and other learning places.

Ryan Sumo is a massive history fan himself, and he knows that a lot of people who play Europa Universalis IV are, too. He’s eager for the idea of giving users a new way to learn about history. He thinks that listening to these audio History Lessons are a really deep way to learn, which is why they decided to work with podcasters for this project. They’re already thinking about how they can include more audio lessons in other programs they create. And they’re also working on ways to help teachers use these tools in the classroom.

History Lessons packs are available in a bundle on both Steam and GOG. Or if you prefer, they are priced at $4.99 USD / £4.29 / €4.99 each. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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