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Hiveswap Act 2 key art and teaser trailer

hiveswap act 2 key art and teaser trailer for linux mac windows pc

Hiveswap Act 2 has new key art and a teaser trailer for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer What Pumpkin Games. Which is also open to Wishlist on Steam. But coming to Humble Store and GOG.

Hiveswap Act 2 now lets you check out some key art and screenshots. Plus you can also Wishlist the game via the Steam page. As a result, keep track of each detail and update.

This is the anticipated second entry in the four-part series. Likewise, the story adventure game from the universe of Andrew Hussie’s smash hit webcomic Homestuck.
Hiveswap has something for you. Whether you’re a dedicated fan or just now discovering the fandom phenomenon. The original Hiveswap releases in September 2017. And still holds a solid a 95% Very Positive review score.

Hiveswap Act 2 is based on the wildly popular Homestuck webcomic. Which has also been around since way back in 2009. Hiveswap is its accompanying point and click adventure. Allowing you to jump into as a standalone journey. Play the game, have fun, and get all prepped up for the next installment of the adventure.

But now, Joey and Xefros’s adventure blows up with higher stakes than ever. Allowing you to point, click, talk and solve your way to the end? Check out the teaser below.

Hiveswap Act 2 – Teaser Trailer

The game is coming together as the team continues to implement beautifully animated assets. Take a look at one of the nearly finished scenes from our freshest build below.

hiveswap act 2 key art for linux mac windows pc screenshot 01

All fans of Hiveswap (upcoming Hiveswap Act 2) and Homestuck should check out Persterquest. The visual novel that reveals the background and new details on your favorite characters. The Pesterquest adventure continues as we zap between Earth and Alternia. Meet Gamzee and Vriska in the newest volume, Volume 6. Collect this volume’s emojis and wallpapers here!

Hiveswap Act 2 does not have a release date as of yet. But the games coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

hiveswap act 2 key art for linux mac windows pc screenshot 02

hiveswap act 2 key art for linux mac windows pc screenshot 03