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Hobo Cat Adventures now has a port

hobo cat adventures 3d platformer game now has a working linux build with windows pc

Hobo Cat Adventures 3D platformer game now has a working Linux build with Windows PC. Thanks to the support and effort of developer Hobo Cat Games. Which is now available on Steam. With 97% Positive reviews.

In Hobo Cat Adventures you play as a homeless cat. One who is also willing to do every job there is on offer. You travel to the Squirrel Kingdom – a place full of weird characters. As well as dangerous enemies and lots of treasures to find. King Daniel, party animal and ruler of the Squirrel Kingdom, has got a special job. Since you will have to ring the three bells of awakening.

So jump your way through the Squirrel Kingdom to collect all sorts of valuable treasures. In Hobo Cat Adventures the Squirrel Kingdom is all about the money. Since you need to find enough moneybags to proceed to different areas of the Squirrel Kingdom. While collecting coins to unlock new weapons or buy a homeless cat some coffee.

Hobo Cat Adventures | Steam Release Date Trailer

Fight against a range of dangerous enemies, all with unique attack patterns. Attack your foes with a handful of different, unique weapons. Like a dead fish or a 5-string banjo. Also, avoid incoming attacks by dodging or parrying them. Lock on to your enemies in Hobo Cat Adventures, with its Souls inspired combat system.

Parry your enemies while hitting them at the right moment with a thrown item. Once parried, perform a brutal deathblow attack that recovers some of your health.

Pick up, throw and use tons of different items Hobo Cat Adventures. Throw bombs, ride on chicken, drink coffee or get drunk consuming “Hobo Brew”. Are you ready to pee-hover while playing the banjo?

There are also a lot of ways to make a buck in the Squirrel Kingdom. Meet weird characters, all with even weirder jobs for you to complete. While you earn cash for easy tasks or even get a bag full of gold for more difficult jobs. Since you can use this cash to buy new weapons, open new areas, or buy a homeless cat some coffee.


  • Visit 7 areas
  • Collect 24 gold bags
  • Defeat 6 Bosses
  • Find 7 unique weapons
  • Ring 3 bells
  • Unlock 42 achievements
  • Two different endings
  • Souls inspired lock-on combat system
  • Cartoony blood and gore
  • Meet weird, unique characters
  • Contains a lot of (im)mature humor
  • Lovingly made by only one person

Hobo Cat Adventures 3D platformer game is available on Steam. Also priced at $10.99 USD / £8.29 / 8,99€. Along with working support for Linux and Windows PC.

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