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Holiday 2015 Steam Sale details leaked for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Leaks have been #revealed showing online #shoppers when to expect the best deals on new games on #Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Apparently Valve plans to kick off their Holiday 2015 Steam Sale on December 22nd.


Holiday 2015 Steam Sale details were leaked early this week thanks to PayPal. Typically every year Valve holds a huge holiday sale that includes heavily discounted PC games, apps, etc.

PayPal’s website still includes a dedicated page keeping track of holiday deals available with their payment service. Needless to say the Holiday 2015 Steam Sale, “The Steam winter sale starts December 22! Get or give a digital gift card to bag a bargain.” PayPal is just giving shoppers a way to purchase a Steam digital gift card for gamers.

Steam is neither confirming nor denying that December 22nd is the day that shoppers can expect the annual game sale. Typically Valve keeps the release date of sales quiet, preferring they keep control before news of them spreads. But this makes sense, giving players a chance to hold off on to Holiday 2015 Steam Sale before making any big purchases.
Steam customers are savvy gamers. Holding out on purchasing games for a better deal within the gaming community.

If this date is accurate, we will what titles that are included in the Holiday 2015 Steam Sale on December 22nd.


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