Hollow Head: Directors Cut does terrify

hollow head: directors cut is a new horror release for linux mac windows pc

Hollow Head: Directors Cut horror release will terrify you on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to solo developer Rubeki. The games now live on Steam as well as Itch.io.

Hollow Head: Directors Cut releases on with great reviews so far. What’s more, the players are surprised at the price. Since the game comes in at a very cost effective $2.99 USD. But this is not for the faint of heart.

Gameplay follows a good samaritan that decides to help a fellow man. Since he hears a scream in the apartment garbage chute. And while things don’t seem the same. The hallways also have an eery feel to them.

Hollow Head: Directors Cut is a first person horror adventure game. Rubeki has also created the title with PS1-style graphics. So that you can emmerse into the dark experience. Which has a deep but brutal atmosphere and theme. This is not just a game where you a stuck in a jump scare maze. The events and the gameplay will stick with you after playing.

Hollow Head: Directors Cutt Launch Trailer

Hollow Head: Directors Cut will give you roughly 30 – 90 minutes of gameplay. That all depends on how quickly you work through the game. And despite the limiting looking graphics. The gameplay keeps you on edge. What you think or don’t expect keeps your mental faculties intent.

The base game is also the product of a free horror game jam. Originally release with as part of the Haunted PS1 Jam over on itch.io. But not the games coming with additional content. Along with further polish and controller support. Which is now part of the Steam for Linux library of games.

Hollow Head: Directors Cut horror game is available priced at $2.99 USD. The games available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So it’s not only dirt cheap, but rather under rated. Try it for yourself and see. Check it out on Steam as well as Itch.io (includes a Steam key).

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