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Hollow Survivors roguelike trying a port

hollow survivors a roguelike dungeon crawler game developer is trying a port for linux with mac and windows pc

Hollow Survivors a roguelike dungeon crawler game developer is trying a port for Linux with Mac and Windows PC. Developer Danny Deer poured his heart and soul into creating this masterpiece. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2024.

If you’re looking for a fresh and exhilarating adventure to dive into, I’ve got just the right recommendation for you. Enter the world of Hollow Survivors, a new roguelike dungeon crawler born from the partnership between Gameparic and the talented developer, Danny Deer. Trust me, this is something you won’t want to miss.

According to the email reply, Danny Deer is using Unity. This should make it simpler to add Linux support. Who was previously, “planning to add it some time ago but forgot to do it.” Now, as time allows, is testing is due to be underway soon, but remains hopeful.

The story takes place a vast, mysterious Tower filled with danger at every turn. As a Hollow Survivors player, you’ll be stepping into the shoes of a Hollow in this roguelike dungeon crawler – one of the last remaining sane beings in this chaotic world. But not to worry; being a Hollow isn’t about being weak. Instead, it’s about having the willpower and determination to navigate through the challenges that lay ahead.

Your mission? Hollow Survivors pretty straightforward yet a thrilling roguelike adventure. You need to fight your way past a multitude of eerie creatures, each more challenging than the last. As you make your ascent, you’ll stumble upon various tools and upgrades, making each journey unique. Whether you’re a fan of speed, favoring a quick scythe to make swift work of your foes. You can also lean towards raw power, swinging a hefty axe to make a statement, there’s something for every style.

Hollow Survivors Roguelike Gameplay Trailer

Now, here’s the kicker: in this world, even if things don’t go as planned and you face defeat, it’s not game over. Instead, your efforts are rewarded. The souls you collect can be exchanged to buy permanent boosts from fellow Hollows. Hollow Survivors has a clever system that ensures you’re better prepared with each new attempt in this roguelike game.

What’s more, this journey isn’t a solitary one. Throughout your travels, you’ll meet other Hollows. Building relationships with them can unveil hidden stories and aid in rebuilding a shattered community.

As a roguelike, the Hollow Survivors visuals are truly something to talk about. What you choose to equip in will change how your character looks, making each combination unique. But that’s not all; you can also customize your character’s appearance to match your style, from minor changes to complete overhaul.

Now, if all of this has piqued your interest, here’s some good news. There’s a chance to sign up for the playtest, this gets you into the adventure. Which is very playable on Linux via Proton, as is the Steam Demo. Plus your feedback during this phase is invaluable and can shape how the final product turns out. And also help encourage a native build.

To ensure you’re always up to date with Hollow Survivors, consider adding it to your Steam Wishlist. Due to get notified about any major updates or announcements, such as Linux support.

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