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HoloFist developer seeks community support

holofist turn based arena game developer seeks linux community support beside windows pc

HoloFist turn based arena game developer seeks Linux community support, which is alreayd coming to Windows PC. According to indie developers Edgehog. With an upcoming release on Steam.

The developer are eager to announce their first game, HoloFist. A dark humored creature battler. Which also happens to take place in a world where fighting is literally fisting. HoloFist is currently due to release in 2021 release on Windows PC via Steam. But there is hope for Linux, with enough community support. So you can add the game to your wishlist now.

Linux Community Support:

HoloFist is being developed in Unity which does accommodate a Linux port. At the moment, the developers are focused on the Windows PC and Mac build of the game. But there are active talks within the team about a Linux port. If the demand is there they will port the game for Linux.

This email comes directly from developer Edgehog on behalf of the marketing rep. Which is also good news. First, that Unity 3D is part of the game development. Second, there is hope on the horizon for Linux. So make sure to get that Wishlist support in. This where things are at still, all based on the game industries’ market share.

HoloFist Announcement Trailer

Tie-in games for animated shows can often get a bad wrap. But Edgehog’s game for the hit Notflix series HoloFist is a cut above. This turn based creature battler follows the adventures of Mindy. And also her HoloBuddies as she travels around the mysterious island. Which is known as “Fistopia”. Where players have to plan and maneuver their team through grid-based combat arenas. While combining elements of deck building and rhythm based timing. Bringing a fresh take on the creature battling genre. And don’t forget to keep your buddies well fed!

HoloFist breaks the ‘norm’ of what you have come to expect from creature battling games. Not only with the more in-depth battle system. But also with the game’s humor. Which, if it hasn’t been obvious yet, leans towards a more tongue in cheek style. This humor is the backbone for the game’s story. And will always be over- resent when trying to just have a normal conversation.

HoloFist is currently coming in 2021. Due to release on Windows PC via Steam. And hopefully Linux with enough community support.

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