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Holy Purge co-op horror holds hope for support

holy purge co-op horror survival game holds hope for linux support with windows pc

Holy Purge co-op horror survival game holds hope for Linux support with Windows PC. Due to details from developer Celeritas Games. Currently just announced via Steam.

Holy Purge is a co-op horror survival game for up to 3 players. While players unite holy forces to stop an evil plague from consuming a medieval village. Unravel Witchcraft, fight off werewolves, and escape the reaper of souls. This is the premise and what also caught my attention about the game.
However, it seems that Linux support is already in consideration.

I believe Unreal supports package linux versions. I’d have to look into the process. Perhaps. after windows launch we could try.

This is the statement in the Steam thread. Holy Purge also holds hope for Linux, seeing the game is developed in Unreal Engine 4. Offering an attractive art style, a variety of beasties, and multiplayer. The short teaser trailer is what really caught my attention. Which may also inspire you to cast your vote via Steam.

Holy Purge Teaser


  • 1 – 3 player online co-op:
    Play as Holy Priests in Holy Purge, an online co-op experience. While you work together to stop the evil plague befalling a medieval village.
    Explore an open-world medieval village plagued by evil. Collect ritual items to reverse a witch spell.
    Defend yourselves using holy crosses, silver, and fire torches. While you work together with your fellow crew and overcome an ancient evil spirit.
    Complete the ritual and cleanse the village plagued by evil.
    Objectives to complete are randomized in Holy Purge. Doors, ritual Items, and collectibles are also random.
    The darkness rages and increases with speed as the game progresses. So do the beasts of the forest who try to stop you.
    For the ultimate challenge complete the map within a limited time. All before the village is completely consumed by darkness.
    Make use of our in-game positional voice chat. Bring friends, or find other players using the server browser.
    For hardcore players only. You can also do it all by yourself. For those who possess the strongest of faith. And therefore the ability to take on the evil alone.

The Holy Purge co-op horror survival announcement is for Windows PC. While teasing post launch support for Linux. So be sure to Wishlist now on Steam.