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Hopeless Dregs turn based game wants support

hopeless dregs turn based game wants support for linux gaming with windows pc

Hopeless Dregs turn based game wants support for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Discrete Tense. Due to make its way on to Steam Early Access later this week.

Discrete Tense is happy to announce that their indie game Hopeless Dregs is coming to Steam. Yes, it’s excellent news and you can expect the release on April 9th via Early Access state. The Hopeless Dregs Early Access version contains a procedural map, 6 different character classes, and 18 unique abilities. There are also 37 items to find with 2 bosses to beat. Developer Discrete Tense is due to expand content even further with the help of the Steam community support.

Hopeless Dregs is just one of many games coming to Early Access. It’s a cost-effective title, but in my experience, it’s usually indie games that take the gameplay in a more unique direction.
That being said, the developers are aiming for Windows PC. Also, after emailing Discrete Tense about Linux support, they were quite receptive.

If we’ll see that people like playing the game. We’ll not only make Linux build, but also support new languages.

So a bit of backstory and to explain the email exchange. The release of Hopeless Dregs for Linux depends on the game’s Early Access debut. So as Early Access is progressing, there is positive feedback, the developer will issue a port. Since Unity 3D is being used for development, this should offer a further edge. Making the porting process that much easier.
That being said, I’ve also created a Steam Discussion post. So you can help out and share your Tux Love or +1. But check out the trailer below.

Hopeless Dregs – Early Access Trailer

In a world full of evil there will destiny for a team of Hopeless Dregs in your hands. You’ll be able to equip and teach each of them new abilities. There are no almighty people in this world. Therefore you will need to find the strengths and weaknesses of your dregs. Then build a team in such a way to unleash their potential. And yes, Hopeless Dregs is a turn based game with RPG elements.

The game will offer access to go from town to town along select routes. So you can upgrade your team in towns and take on battles between them. Plus, the approximate time for exploring all of Hopeless Dregs is around 2 hours.


  • Fast game session – enjoy upgrading your characters from zero to hero for a short time. It will allow you to try many strategies without losing tons of time while still enjoying the game.
  • Permanent death – characters will die permanently. So you have time vested into each team member.
  • Bosses – each boss has his own abilities and team. You’ll have to know the weaknesses and strengths of each of them to be successful in beating the game.
  • Synergy – due to offer a flexible ability system. You’ll manage your team members in such a way to balance support from one to the other.
  • Unique abilities – each character will have unique abilities depending on what equipment and class.

Hopeless Dregs turn based game will offer solid gameplay. Coming to Steam Early Access on Windows PC, but with enough support, Linux as well. Due to being priced at $4.99 USD / €3.99 EUR / £3.99 GBP. While making for very cost-effective gameplay.

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