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Hoplegs unconventional platformer in testing

hoplegs unconventional platformer game to be in testing for linux with windows pc

Hoplegs unconventional platformer game to be in testing for Linux to go with Windows PC support. Thanks to recent details from developer WhyKev. Currently available on Steam with great reviews.

Get ready to embark on a unique and singular journey when Hoplegs. After a few months in Early Access on Steam, the game is ready for prime time. Kevin Andresson works furiously to bring new game modes. While upgrading the hair pulling platformer. This includes games modes such as versus, a cooperative mode, and more still.
However, Hoplegs is only available on Windows PC. According to recent details, it looks like Linux support is in the plan.

Possibly, I don’t want to promise anything but I plan to do some tests this month.

While this small bit of detail, and this is not a full-out Linux port just yet. A lot will depend on testing itself, but it does look hopeful.
If you’re interested, you might want to follow this link above and offer help with testing.

Hoplegs Release Date Announcement Trailer

Hoplegs is a different kind of platform game where you control your character using 4 different legs. Looks easy? Each of the four gamepad buttons where you usually jump, interact, crouch, and change weapons are now your legs. So you must master the unique controls. Then make your way through loads of developer and community created levels. Hoplegs is a challenging but fair platformer that has been described as “AWESOME and TERRIBLE, all at once. So it’s “like getting over it, except playable” by streamers brave enough to take on the challenge.


  • An epic adventure with difficulty ranging from super friendly to pure insanity!
  • A co-op mode to take the difficulty to new heights!
  • A pushy Hoplegs versus multiplayer mode for up to 4 players
  • Create and share your most challenging levels and watch the best players struggle! (feature only available on the PC version)
  • Learn and master a skill that will be absolutely useless for the rest of your life!

Hoplegs unconventional platformer game is available on Steam. Priced at $16.19 USD with a 10% discount. Already released on Windows PC, it looks like Linux will be the next milestone for the developer.