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Horizon Chase Turbo arcade racing mayhem

horizon chase turbo arcade racing mayhem for linux mac windows games

Horizon Chase Turbo the arcade racing game is available on Linux, Mac and Windows. So eager players can rev those engines and jump into some classic arcade racing. While gameplay offers the quintessential combination of retro racing and modern multiplayer matchups. It’s quite good too. Sorry about this post, it’s coming a bit late. Since the games release was actually May 15th.

Horizon Chase Turbo is available on Steam and Humble Store for $19.99 USD. Of course supporting Linux, Mac and Windows.

Horizon Chase Turbo is standalone homage to classic 16-bit racing games. Well those that define a generation of high-speed, frenetic arcade fun. So the simple and tight controls with precision gameplay. And also detailed depth combining to make nostalgic experience for racing.

So this is a blast for multiplayer fans young and old. Horizon Chase Turbo’s head-to-head split screen multiplayer and catchy contemporary chiptune-style music. It all just adds to the game’s painterly aesthetic and competitive action.

“We created Horizon Chase Turbo to be the racing game we wanted to play. Hitting the sweet spot between true-to-life simulators and chaotic, explosive kart racers,” said Aquiris Studio Game Designer, Felipe Dal Molin. “With Horizon Chase Turbo, we want players to feel the nostalgic tension of the simple tug-of-war of a tight turn. Where players are run off-road for a split second. Only to return to intense high-speed action as they overtake and battle against friends. Playing together on the couch or via the online ghost mode.”

Horizon Chase Turbo – Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Aside from the modernly retro graphics of Horizon Chase Turbo. The split-screen couch multiplayer modes are also among Turbo’s most defining features. All game modes, including the World Tour campaign, tournament and endurance challenges. They all support local split screen multiplayer up to four players.

So racers can compete in head-to-head races one at a time. Or spend hours racing around the globe collecting coins to achieve the common goal. Unlocking exotic vehicles and spinetingling tracks.

Turbo’s classic arcade gameplay and the games simple mechanics. Making the game easy to pick up. And playing for both casual and hardcore gamers is solid. The simple and intuitive controls require the use of only three buttons.

The game’s straightforward objectives, but in-depth learning curve. Appealing to gamers who enjoy racing. Since you do not have to put in the hours to learn a complex system. Which is somewhat expected of the latest racing simulator.

Horizon Chase Turbo also includes a world tour campaign. As well as intense tournaments, endurance challenges. Also more than 31 vehicles across 109 tracks. These all span real-world locations, such as China, Japan, Hawaii and more.

Arcade racing on Steam and Humble Store:

Alright, so Horizon Chase Turbo is available on Linux, Mac and Windows. So if you want to get into the challenge, the games priced at $19.99 USD on Steam and Humble Store. So not too bad.