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Horizon Signal DLC available Free for all Stellaris players

horizon signal dlc available Free for all stellaris players linux mac pc

A new and rich storyline is now part of the experience. Hence the already deep well of events and occurrences in #Stellaris. The hit #grandstrategy #space epic from Paradox Development Studios. Die to a signal in distant space is calling out to your empire. What does this entity want, and how does it know who you are?

Stellaris – Signal Horizon by Alexis Kennedy Trailer:

Horizon Signal is due to the work of Alexis Kennedy, a British writer best known for his work at Failbetter Games. Hence a company he co-founded. While writing for Sunless Sea and Fallen London as at is widely acclaimed. Therefore he is scribing new stories for Stellaris.

This story update is free for all Stellaris owners. And therefore highlights one of the great strengths of the game. The ability to tell stories which entertain and entrance without distracting the player from the core strategic gameplay. Horizon Signal is released alongside Update 1.4, appropriately named “Kennedy”. A full list of patch notes are available on the Paradox Forum.

Horizon Signal is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. And will consquently be automatically added as a DLC for all Stellaris Players.

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