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Horror Story: Hallowseed horror still set on a port

horror story: hallowseed psychological horror game is still due to get a linux build with windows pc

Horror Story: Hallowseed psychological horror game is still set on a Linux build with Windows PC. Thanks to further details from developer Jeff Winner. Which just released on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store with a discount.

Horror Story: Hallowseed is a story driven psychological horror game. One that follows a terrorized man in search of his missing friends. Which now officially leaves Early Access to terrify Windows PC players with version 1.0.

Developer Jeff Winner has completely re-imagined content from the Early Access version. The full release includes a larger map, new levels, puzzles, and items. There is also a redesigned forest area and house. Not to mention upgraded visuals, improved sound effects, a frightening ending, and more. However, Linux support still seems to be missing. Here’s what Jeff Winner has to say about the port:

…the game was launched full version yesterday and so far there’s no big issue with Windows. So I will have time to try making a build for Linux today.

The reason behind the lack of Linux support for Horror Story: Hallowseed is due to issues. The developer also states that “we faced many problems the last 3 weeks.” Which of course delays the release of Linux. Which is due to release via the Beta Branch on Steam soon.

In Horror Story: Hallowseed, all was well with a group of friends enjoying a camping trip. Relaxing in the remote woods of Hallowseed – until things went horribly wrong. A demonic terror stalks the night, while haunting the woods. This bizarre event leaves Michael alone with his friends nowhere around.

Horror Story: Hallowseed – Launch Trailer

Now, stranded in the eerie forest of a forgotten settlement. Here Michael embarks on the most terrifying journey of his life. All due to uncover the truth behind the horrors all around him. And also find his friends, the get the hell out of this God forsaken place.

Explore the haunted mansion, its daunting underground, and the surrounding woods. Hoping to also find clues about the mysterious disappearances. But make sure to interact with the setting with caution. Horror Story: Hallowseed is full of tough events due to by Michael’s actions. So it’s up to you to solve puzzles and unlock secret levels. All while being aware of the obscure power lurking in the shadows. Then discover Michael’s own shocking connection with this wretched place.

Horror Story: Hallowseed is a story rich terror using the setting sounds and stunning visuals. Hallowseed marks the first chapter in the immersive Horror Story series. Which is all inspired by classic modern horror movies. Such as Insidious, The Conjuring, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Horror Story: Hallowseed psychological horror is available for Windows PC. Releasing on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. All priced at $19.99 USD/ EUR 19.99 plus a 20% discount until November 1st.