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Hot Shot Burn support for the hilarious brawler

hot shot burn game support for the hilariously brawler on linux windows pc

Hot Shot Burn violent yet hilarious brawler party game release Windows PC, but we have support details for Linux. Thanks to developer Flaming Flamingo. Who just launched the game on Early Access.

Hot Shot Burn just released on Steam Early Access. The games already getting positive feedback. And even on Linux, we have Platinum support via Proton too. So good news all around, right? Well a native release would be far better. The reply from developer Flaming Flamingo feels likewise.

Linux Support:

We’re using Unity for development of Hot Shot Burn. Since it’s a party game you’re supposed to play with friends. That’s why we’re working on crossplay too. So no matter what kind of system they own. They should be able to play together with you.

We would love to support Linux natively and we probably will. But we’re a small team and right now our focus goes into console development. But we’re aiming to release the game on as many platforms as we can.

Since this is probably the best reply you can ask for. Hot Shot Burn will get a native Linux release. But this will be after the console ports. As stated above. But what gets me is how Flaming Flamingo are planning crossplay. And as a result, this caught me off guard.
But there is also a catch, the console release is scheduled for early 2020.

The developers also pointed out Proton. Stating, “as far as I know you can launch it with Proton.” And with Platform support, the game is definitely playable on Linux.

Hot Shot Burn Early Access Trailer

Grab popcorn, beer (or whatever your choice of poison is) and invite your friends for a game night full of cartoon chaos, ridiculous flukes, and insane skill shots.

A successful 30-day beta saw players spend more than 123369 minutes (2056 hours or 85 days!). Gloriously spilling their cartoony guts playing on their couches in this hilarious brawler, online and at EVO 2019.

Hilarious, violent, and (most importantly) televised. Hot Shot Burn is an arena party brawler. Where the Universe’s most formidable space gladiators come together. While battling it out for fame, glory (and perhaps even an endorsement deal or two).
Players also choose from a multitude of uniquely skilled characters. Including battle hardened punk girls. Likewise, some fluffy aliens and galactic marshals. Then battle over multiple dangerous galactic arenas to win it all.

Use guns, wits and skill to kill ’em all. While you work to become the Ultimate Champion of the Universe. And since Hot Shot Burn’s matchmaking system allows for any combination of online and local couch co-op play. Allowing players to match up with friends both locally and online.

Hot Shot Burn’s early access brings 12 diverse maps. Even more, there 6 ridiculously handsome but ferociously deadly characters. 3 reality bending mutators. Plus 1 hilarious and often inappropriate announcer.

The Flaming Flamingo team is faithful to adding additional modes. Similarly, this includes maps, characters and balance tweaks. Along with a general update(s), at least once a month. Free. No loot boxes, paywalls or microtransactions.

Hot Shot Burn early access is priced at $14.99 USD for Windows PC. While the final version is expected to be $19.99 USD. Console release is scheduled for early 2020. With Linux support to follow for this hilarious brawler.

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