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House Flipper a game about renovating now on Greenlight

house flipper a game about renovating now on greenlight linux gaming news

So House Flipper is a unique chance to become the one-man renovating crew on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence players can buy, repair and upgrade devastated houses. While giving them a second life to sell at a profit. Basically taking a reality tv show and bringing it into a #unique #game now on #Greenlight.

So in gaming news, House Flipper a first-person renovator about repairing, remodelling, painting, and decorating homes. Tasks like knocking down walls, fitting kitchens and painting look like fun. Kind of like Surgeon Simulator but a renovator of mayhem. The downside of gameplay seems to be singleplayer-only mode and this would be a really impressive multiplayer.

Since the Linux gameplay comes with a collection of tools and parts at your disposal. Hence using a hammer, drill, nails, screw, and do what needs to be done to fix or repair things.

Experiment with interior design and decorating style you like.
Decorate and furnish interiors with hundreds of unique items to choose from.
Express yourself!

Do you love interior design and want fill up empty room in your favourite style? You can buy empty apartment and furnish it.
Do you prefer things only engineers would understand? You can focus on repair and installation.
Are you expert in “small move, big change” approach? You can buy decent house and make it perfect by adding some style and fixing stuff.

Ultimate goal of house flipping business is profit. Are you a risk taker? Do you like to invest?
Estimate profit and find best risk/reward ratio for you.

House flipping business is very challenging. Improve and sharp your skills. Get better tools. Unlock new mechanics and earn money to be able to invest more and progress faster. Have fun!


  • The first house flipping simulator on Steam
  • Unique repair mechanics
  • Decoration and furnishing interiors with hundreds of unique items to choose from.
  • Randomly generated house interiors
  • Budget management

Personally I like the idea of smashing things. So I do hope developers Empyrean get co-op in this mix. The hilarious moments of teamwork and accidents could be great.
Hence this fun-looking renovator is wrapping up inside a metagame. So you’re trying to buy cheap houses and fix them up to sell them for a profit to unlock more options. As someone who can buy a house and fix it up, it’s a pleasure to be able get into such a game. So anyone looking to renovate houses could be really entertained. However I can see this being more of a comical experience. Sure there are some serious efforts to be made, but it’s those “oops” moments that will keep players coming back.

The big gaming news, House Flipper is expected to launch at the end of 2017 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Currently looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.

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