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How to get Steam for Linux on a PlayStation 4 video

How to get Steam for Linux on a PlayStation 4

So as #Linux #gamers, we might not be in that era of taking a PlayStation 4 to a shop to get a mod chip. Yet ever since Sony announced the ability to run the OS on the original PlayStation 3, them removed it. Since then people are keen on the idea. So why not show how to get Steam for Linux on a PlayStation 4?

The annual Chaos Communication Congress shows that the PS4 is definitely not a PC. While this makes things difficult, it does not mean that Linux will not run on the PS4.
So hackers were first showing off the PS4 running Linux last year. Yet it was not until this year’s conference that more in-depth methods arrose. Most of this explanation will be fairly straight forward for most Linux gamers. Now, the console is layered, which is the technical breakdown of the PS4’s hardware. Now to mention the engineering and the framework underneath.

Last year, we demonstrated Linux running on the PS4 in a lightning talk – presented on the PS4 itself. But how did we do it? In a departure from previous Console Hacking talks focusing on security, this year we’re going to focus on the PS4 hardware, what makes it different from a PC, and how we reverse engineered it enough to get a full-blown Linux distro running on it, complete with 3D acceleration.

Hence for anyone with the requisite knowledge, careful listeners, there is still plenty of interesting information. As an example, the PS4 relies on a separate ARM chip to run a whole seperate operating system. This is used downloading updates.
Presenter Marcan at the end of the presentation launched Steam. Therefore breaking into running around the first level of Portal 2.

How to get Steam for Linux on a PlayStation 4 video

The Linux kernel fork for the PS4, along with the Radeon drivers, are available now on Github.

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