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How to hide Steam games in your library

Really sick and tired of staring at that copy of Dota 2 Test in your Steam library? We get it. We have a bunch of #beta games kicking about doing nothing.  So if you do not play games like #Dota2 anyway, maybe it’s time to put it to rest.

Steam Beta participants just received an update that lets them hide games from their library. The process is super easy once you have beta access turned on, so we figured a quick ‘how-to’ for users not in the beta or missing a beat somewhere would be essential.

Assuming you are NOT in the beta yet. If you already are a beta participant, scroll down the the line that reads “From here, hiding games is only a few clicks away.” And yes, this works nicely in Linux.

How to Hide Games in your Steam Library

Open Steam. Click the Steam button on the upper left, and click Settings.

A window will open that has the Account page automatically selected. On that page, you’ll see a button that says “Change…” below a beta participation field. Click it.

The new pop-up window will have a drop down menu beneath “Beta participation.” Drop that menu down, select “Steam Beta Update” and click OK. You will be asked to restart Steam. Do it.

Once Steam loads up, you’ll see a fancy blue-ish Steam icon and a slightly altered client. This is the beta client.

From here, hiding games is only a few clicks away.

Open your library and decide which game you’d like to hide. I choose you, Costume Quest Prototype!

Right-click on the game you’d like to hide, and then click “Set Categories…”

Check the “Hide this game in my library” box on the bottom left. Click OK, and the game is now hidden. Side note: I have two categories in my Steam library, Completed and Targeted. This is how I keep my backlog beaten down.

Wait a minute, Costume Quest Prototype, come back!

How to Unhide Games in Your Steam Library

So, you’ve made a terrible mistake and regret your impulse decision to hide the prototype for Costume Quest? You’ve been crying for days? Well, dry your eyes, here we go.

In the Search bar below Store and Library at the top of your Steam client, you’ll see a button on the right side. It might read “Games” or “Software.” Whatever the case, click it. You’ll see “Hidden” at the base of that drop down. Select it.

Look! It’s the Costume Quest Prototype!

Apologize to the game, right-click it and select “Set Categories…”

Uncheck the box next to “Hide this game in my library,” click OK and sleep better tonight knowing that the Costume Quest Prototype will see you in the morning.

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