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How to Win: Season One adventure game out soon

how to win: season one anarchic adventure gaming experiment due to release soon on linux mac windows pc

How to Win: Season One anarchic adventure gaming experiment due to release soon for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Hidden Track. Which will make it’s way onto Steam later this month.

Anarchic adventure by multi-award winning theatre company is coming to Steam. Thanks to Hidden Track, and indie dev Cael O’Sullivan. How to Win: Season One is due to release on March 31st.
The How to Win gameplay is an anarchic adventure gaming experiment. Where anyone who plays can decide the rules of the world. And also which direction the story goes. Basically, whatever the players decide, WHATEVER that may be. That is the world we create.

Explore the worlds we’ve made so far, find out how they ended. Then tell the dev’s what to do differently in the next world. Anyone can tell us all how to play. While only a few will show everyone how to win.

What are the rules?

How do you win a game where any player can decide the rules? Well, there are a lot of ways. Get rich quickly through high octane potato selling. Deesign the fastest, most dangerous roller coaster ghost train. You can also fight a capitalist dragon, alongside a monster drawn by a 5 year old.
These are all genuine examples of How to Win: Season One. Which ranges from an episodic adventure game. Where each chapter is based on ideas submitted and voted on by players. Including support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

When COVID lockdowns first hit the world in 2020, the live theatre scene was shut down almost overnight. Meanwhile, the gaming industry went through a boom like never before. All thanks to a new audience of people trapped inside. Everyone looking for new forms of entertainment.

And so, in the summer of 2020, multi-award winning interactive theatre company Hidden Track teamed with indie game dev Cael O’Sullivan. Creating their first ever gaming experiment, How to Win: Season One. While asking players what the rules of the game should be, with new chapters created every month based on their ideas.

How to Win – The New Online Adventure Game

As a result, hundreds of suggestions were submitted. The best ones put to a public vote. With each chapter written, developed, and released within weeks of the winning suggestions being chosen.

Now, all 5 chapters of How to Win: Season One have been compiled and remastered for Steam. Along with new functionality, unseen cut content, and a call for brand new player suggestions. Which are due to be part of Season Two in Summer 2021.

Hidden Track’s Artistic Director, Elliot Hughes, says:

“The great (and terrifying) thing about having to create a chapter every month is there’s no time to second guess ourselves, or question the ideas players have given us. Throw a major character unceremoniously into a volcano? Okay, sure, let’s make it work. With the Steam remasters, we’ve tried to keep the rawness of the original stories, while adding in some quality of life improvements, restoring some ideas that we didn’t have time for, and getting new players primed and ready for Season Two.”
(The next season also includes Linux, Mac and Windows PC support)

The developer’s thoughts of How to Win: Season One:

How to Win: Season One is a fun, chaotic, colorful adventure. Which brings together a collection of new characters and plot twists. This can only come thanks to from hundreds of different voices. But it is also a curious and touching snapshot of the events of 2020. In the middle of unprecedented global events ranging from quarantines, protests, and riots. All of which unmistakably make their mark in the suggestions those players gave. As well as the stories they want to be told.

Back then the dev’s had no idea how long the pandemic would last. Who knows how everyone’s priorities will have changed when we come to Season Two?

How to Win: Season One comes to Steam on March 31st. Priced at $9.99 USD /€6.99/£6.99. Including support in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. While Season Two will begin Summer 2021.

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