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Hands off! competitive local multiplayer game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Hands off! is a 1v1 #local only multiplayer #game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Described by the developers at i2n Games as “ get the pegs in the holes before your #opponent does.” Where gamer rage and skillset really is part of the gameplay, while you “interact” with one another. This madness is all part of the Hands off! experience.

The goal is simple – get the pegs in the holes before your opponent does. The means is not – you control two hands at the same time. Move quickly, be aggressive, be defensive or distract your opponent with one hand and go for a sneaky point with the other!

Take on your enemy in different shaped arenas – with holes on the floor, walls and ceiling to tease those pegs into. If standard hole positions aren’t enough, try randomising them – and then flip the arena on its head! If you think you’re really ambidextrous, make the arena rotate. Try getting those pegs in the holes then. Hah! You can even speed things up if you wish, to get to those pegs faster!

Controllers required. Any controller with two thumbsticks and four shoulder buttons (similar to Xbox 360 or DualShock) should work.

Hands off is available for $4.99 USD or more for Linux, Mac and Windows PC from i2n’s official website and remember to vote on Greenlight.


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