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HTV Vive commercial version price and release date announced


Expected to formally #unveil the consumer version, the HTC Vive #virtualreality #headset at the Mobile World Congress 2016. That’s exactly what has taken place. The consumer version has a load of new features, refreshed branding, an updated headstrap and built upon features introduced with Vive Pre. HTC also confirmed the Vive price and release date.

A new feature Vive Phone Services, allows users to receive and respond to incoming, missed calls, get text messages and make quick replies directly through the headset. Now that’s impressive.

Included with the headset, two updated wireless controllers with haptic feedback, dual stage triggers, a front facing camera, a redesigned headstrap which provides more stability and balance. Along with improved visual system and brighter displays.

And for a limited time, customers will receive two VR games with the Vive for free, Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator, both of which are available for Windows PC. Plus two controllers and Lighthouse stations, required for positional tracking.

Pre-orders for the HTC Vive consumer edition open on February 29th. And HTC does promise pre-order fulfilment and full commercial availability by April 2016. The HTC Vive has a price tag of $799, that’s $200 more expensive than the Oculus Rift, but priced into the range of mid-range and high-end gamers looking to adopt VR.

Over and above this, we have yet to hear anything further for Linux and SteamOS. Yes, we do know that native support will be included upon release, but it does not seem too apparent thus far. So stay tuned for more details.


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  • Brian Perry
    Feb 21, 2016 10:37 pm

    It looks like its going to be the OSVR for me.