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Human Diaspora FPS adventure v1.0 out now

human diaspora fps adventure game launches version 1.0 for linux and windows pc

Human Diaspora FPS adventure game launches version 1.0 for Linux and Windows PC. All due to the efforts of almost two years of Leocesar3D Productions development. Which is fully available on Steam.

Human Diaspora is an FPS adventure game taking place on a human colony planet. Since you risked everything to reach for the stars, then landed on an alien planet. A large area full of action and risk awaits. But the only way to save humanity is to fight the enemy invader and secure your place among the strongest. Doing so on land, sea, or space territories. While try to shoot your way into victory and yet never accept defeat. Humanity must carry on.

Version 1.0 of Human Diaspora is now live after twenty months of Early Access development. The most recent change is the Open World Update, since it delivers just that, a bigger world. As well as further changes for both story and other mechanics.
Of course, version 1.0 wouldn’t be possible without a lot of player feedback. As developer Leocesar3D Productions still continue to support further bug fixes and completes the space levels. There will likely be more levels and guns coming, with more performance improvements for the game. Maybe even an upgrade to Godot version 4.0.

Human Diaspora Trailer – Version 1.0

Gameplay also offers full controller support in singleplayer gameplay. Along with upgrades to look sensitivity, plus you can invert the camera y axis, and switch camera look to the left thumbstick. You can also set custom keyboard / mouse and gamepad controls to your liking.

Human Diaspora will let you use a diverse and powerful set of weapons capable of massive ruin. Then you can spread mayhem among enemy lines. Show no mercy to the evil invaders. Then conquer the colony world Ephemeral. You can also cross great distances, be it on land, sea or space. Rich and detailed settings await you, as you use terrain features to your advantage.

Human Diaspora FPS adventure launches version 1.0 on Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD / £15.49 / 16,79€. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.

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