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Human Diaspora FPS releases in Early Access

human diaspora first person shooter releases in early access level up linux gaming and windows pc

Human Diaspora first person shooter releases in Early Access and due to level up Linux gaming alongside Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Leocesar3D Productions. Now available on Steam with a launch week discount.

Human Diaspora is a first person shooter adventure game. Which also takes place on a human colony planet. This is also a large territory full of action and peril. So you will have stay on point and fight off enemies.

The fast action game just released into Early Access. Where it is due to remain for roughly the next two years. While adding great new content and features. Such new maps, areas to explore and fight, and more guns for your arsenal. Since that gameplay offers you the freedom to choose the best combat style. And it’s due to include even more dangerous and more challenging enemies. The whole idea is to increase game variety and fix bugs. All while improving overall Human Diaspora in-game performance. All leading up to a final release.

InHuman Diaspora, you reached for the stars and landed on an alien planet. But you also have a world to discover and conquer. The only way to save humanity is to fight the enemy invader. As you work to secure your place among the strongest. Be it on land, sea or space territories. Shoot your way to victory and never accept defeat. Humanity must endure.

Human Diaspora – Early Access Trailer

The game seems to haver a similar vibe as Immortal Redneck. But offering up an even better range powerful weapons. Allowing to get into immediate destruction to spread mayhem among enemies. Show no mercy to the evil invaders. Conquer the colony world Ephemeral. Traveling great distances with rich and detailed environments. So be sure to use terrain features to your advantage.

It’s a pleasure to see another vibrant game in the Linux gaming library. Human Diaspora is available now on Steam Early Access with a 10% discount until September 14th. Dropping the price down from $19.99 USD to $17.99 USD. Now that the first person shooter releases you can also submit your feedback on Steam. Helping to further shape the gameplay.

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